Wednesday, 25 January 2012


Haircuts in our house are a rarity.

I haven't had mine cut since last april. It is normally cut in a short, jaw length bob, but at the age of nearly 35, I decided that if I wanted to grow it long, I needed to do it now, before it looked silly, or me old!

The boys are a different story all together.

Beanie regularly has his hair cut at the barbers in town. He has always like going, and enjoys the time in the chair!

The other two, are as different as you can imagine. Worm has had his hair cut once, by mummy when he was in the bath. I cut his mullett off and that was that.

Monkey is very different. He has been taken to the barbers, the hairdresser, and we have even had people come to the house. All resulting in the same thing.

Tears, tantrums, screaming and the hair remaining the same length or maybe with at least a few bits hacked away before the screams got too loud!

I have no idea why he doesn't like it, but he just doesn't.

Everyone has tried, Nanny, Granny but to no avail.

Today Granny had booked both Monkey and Worm in at her hairdressers. Grandad had gone along too to pin them down for support.

And when I returned home from work, I was expecting to see Monkey's long hair still in his eyes, but no, they had managed it. Both boys now have very short hair, and they look so different, so grown up! (We also had a new truck and kinder eggs!) But Granny has done it - and booked them in again for six weeks time!

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