Tuesday, 10 January 2012

In groups of 3!

Well today is the day.
The day the boys all went to school.
My first morning without them at home.

We are used to having the mad rush of getting ready in the morning.
But today was different.
Today they all had to be ready, fully dressed and raring to go.
Today, there was 3.
Three pairs of shoes, waiting to be put on.
Lined up on the stairs.
Okay so that's no different than any other day, but there was also, a violin, a swimming kit, and three school bags and three lunch bags.
For my three school boys.

Beanie and Monkey go to school fine.
Though today Beanie was a little apprehensive about going swimming.
I don't know why, because he is a fantastic little swimmer.
Monkey, is so confident, that as soon as we get there he is off and gone, playing with his friends.
Not even a goodbye for his mummy!

Worm, I knew wouldn't like it.
I know it will take him a while to get used to it.
I was right.
The tears came as soon as I started to remove his coat.
I left.

On my return, he was cuddling his key worker, still crying.
I wondered if he had cried for the whole four hours (guilty mummy feeling).
But was informed that he had had some 'happy moments'!

I guess he will be more like Beanie, who cried nearly everytime we left him at nursery.
But who never batted an eyelid when starting big school.

So until next week.
When I do the three lunches again.
And when no doubt, there will be more tears!

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  1. Aww poor little worm :-/ hope he soon gets to like it.I had some real criers start in Sept and within 2 weeks they had stopped and now you would never know xxx