Tuesday, 3 January 2012

New Year, New me...!

aka - Resolutions and how long will they last!

2012 is finally here,
and what does it mean for us,
for me.

I have a lot of things I want to achieve this year.I want to finally loose the baby weight and get back to what I was before I had the boys. It means loosing a stone, which doesn't sound a lot, but it is the stone that has got the better of me for the past eight years! My weight is consistent, I can eat whatever I want really and it doesn't change. The thing I need to do is exercise, and this has always been a problem when I have the boys all the time. So this year, I finally get some time when all three will be at school /nursery and so exercise here I come!

My second one is about the boys, I want to do more with them. Hopefully soon Worm will start walking and that will make things a bit easier. I feel that Beanie has missed out quite a lot by having the two younger ones, and I know that we should be doing so much more.

Get organised! I have started this one by going through my clothes and throwing them on the bedroom floor - where they currently remain, everything that I don't wear or that doesn't fit is in that pile, including a dress I have had for seventeen years (yes 17!). All of it going to the clothes bin, to make way for more! Getting organised also means sorting through the boys toys, there is so much of it, and I need to be ruthless and get rid of everything that is not played with. A job for a Tuesday morning when they are not here!

My last one is about my blog. I am aware I could do so much more. I had thought about setting myself a challenge, and like others I did think of doing a 365 (6!) but did not want it to be purely photographs, my skills with a camera really aren't up to that just yet. So my resolution is to blog more often, it maybe a picture, it may be words, but I would like to think that I blog every day. I know it won't last, but boy am I going to try!!


  1. Good luck :-) sounds like you have a plan, hope 2012 is good to you x