Sunday, 22 January 2012

Serious Stuff!

Sometimes I am aware I blog about nonsense.

Like Monkey's swimming Monkey.

But sometimes I need to be serious.

Today was quite a manic day.

The boys are all full of colds and snot, and so the little two both had a lie in this morning. If Beanie ever has a lie in I will probably die of shock. He is still a very early riser and this I expect will continue until he becomes a teenager!

We had intentions of going to church, but could very easily had a lie in ourselves, but we made ourselves get up and going.

We were at church for it's 10am start.

The little two were both overcome by emotion during the service. It amazes me that every time we go to church, something gets to them both. Worm's face changed as soon as we sat down and the tears started. Monkey started during the first hymn. It's strange, weird and a little baffling.

Does God move in mysterious ways?

After church, we went to my in laws for dinner. The boys love going to granny and grandads. Beanie especially as all daddy's old board games come out and G and G are happy to play.

Whilst we were there, we decided to leave the boys and go and visit my nan. The boys great grandmother. They call her GG! She is currently in hospital. The boys couldn't go and see her as she is quite poorly and they are full of snot, so just moors-daddy and I went.

She was taken in on Tuesday, but has been ill for a long time. Though you wouldn't necessarily think that to look at her. She is 85, still quite with it, but going deaf, so shouts a lot!!

She got cancer in 2003, and has been up and down since. Most of the time she is up! She still gets out and about on her own, meets up with friends and frequently goes down town for lunch. Last year she fell up her garden steps and fractured her hip, she was housebound for some time, but eventually got herself back up and about.

Last week she stumbled in town, but got herself home, but spent the next two days in bed, when my parents visited her on Sunday, she had a rash all over her chest and arms. My mum took her to the doctors and she was taken straight in to the hospital. She is on antibiotics now, and was her normal cheery self today. My mum was also there, constantly telling nan not to shout. She has too, or else she can't hear what she is saying.

She is still waiting for her test results and a diagnosis, which she should get tomorrow. We know that at some point, she will get a lot worse, and that her condition will get the better of her, but at the moment she is refusing to pay to watch tv in there and can't wait to get out so she can see the boys! (Oh and she hasn't had any chocolate since she has been in there, so is desperate to get home!!)

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  1. I hope she makes a speedy recovery and can get home soon to her tv and chocolate! x