Saturday, 7 January 2012

Toilet training a Monkey!

Well, this Christmas holiday we decided that we had to just go for it.

Monkey has been ready to use the potty for some time, but is very uninterested in it.

During the summer, he would happily go for hours on the beach without wetting his trunks, and as soon as you mention, "Monkey, you haven't had a wee for a while", he would scurry off to a rock pool, and stand, legs wide apart and wee in the pool. So we knew he had control over what he was doing. The fact that he had shown no interest in using the potty has meant that I haven't pushed him, but now at 3 and a bit, it was time he wore pants, and to be fair nappies cost a bomb when you have two in them!

So last week, we took the jump.

I have had trouble finding pants to fit him. Our Monkey is still tiny and is wearing 12-18 month pants. Mothercare, I found do them that small, as do Asda, and Mothercare, (thank you so much!) do Fireman Sam ones so we were very happy.

He has worn his pants now for just over a week. We sit him on the potty every hour and a half - two hours, and he sit there and does a wee and sometimes " a huge poop". We have had a handful of accidents, but no where near as many as I thought we would. He doesn't ask to go but I guess that will come soon, he does give us clues. He says he is cold if it is too late and he is wet! And that his bum hurts, a sure sign a poop is on its way - potty quick!!

Yesterday, he started his first full day at nursery, thanks to his early years funding, and so I left for work, leaving Nanna with instructions. He went to nursery with a number of sets of clean clothes, trousers, pants and socks! Moors-daddy picked him up to find them all still in the bag and that he had been a very big boy all day and had had no accidents and had even taken himself to the toilet in the afternoon.

So I think we can say that nappies during the day, at least, are now a thing of the past.

Roll on the day when Worm is also in pants!


  1. I hope you don't speak too soon! It's a great feeling though, when we feel confident there will be no accidents. Now onto the night times! Good luck.

    CJ x

  2. That's brill!I bet you are all really proud of him!Good old monkey!

  3. Very proud, but he is no longer my little boy! Not quite ready for bedtime but we will get there.