Saturday, 14 January 2012

Wash day blues!

As much as I love winter, there is one thing that I really hate.

I love the cold, crisp mornings.
Walking the dog on the moors, the frost crunching underfoot.
Coming back to a very warm lounge, wood burner lit.
I love the dark evenings, being cosy and warm inside.

But the one thing I hate is washing.
Firstly we seem to have a never ending mountain of it.
Especially at the moment with Monkey potty training.
And it would seem that in the last few weeks, 
I have realised that I have more washing than I do airers and space on radiators, 
to dry it!

It seems to be everywhere.
You walk in the front door and there in front of you,
is a radiator covered in underwear and socks.
The dining room is full, on airers and on the fire guard.
And I hate it.
I hate the fact that if people come around they will just see washing every where.
I don't invite people around!

I am someone who would quite happily have the tumble dryer on all the time if,
- it worked properly and
-if it didn't cost so much!
Just to get rid of it from inside the house.

Another reason, then that I love the cold, crisp, sunny days.
Is that I can but try to dry the washing outside.
Today the sun has shone, 
for a little while and so I endeavoured to get the big stuff out on the line.
It wasn't out there for long,
and when I brought it back in it was just as wet.
But the sight of washing on the line,
brings a little smile!

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  1. I have recently been bought my first tumble drier and have been having an affair with it that has seen the washing line made redundant. Roll on the sunshine I say!