Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Worm's second nursery session.

Last night I made up three packed lunches for the second time....

along with packing the swimming kit and getting the violin for Beanie, and packing two bags of clothes for the little two.
I was organised and had it all waiting by the front door, ready to go.

We got up and ready, and actually left for school a little early this morning.

Seven items (bags/violin) loaded into the car, and three kids!

We dropped Beanie off, no problem.
Monkey, found his tag, hung up his bag and coat and took his lunch to the kitchen. I had to sign his EYF forms and when I turned around he was gone!

Worm, was fine, I took him down to his room, he was gabbling away. I took off his coat and signed him in. I then went to hand him over to his key worker and it started.

He looked at me, with his bottom lip trembling, and then the tears came!

Again I left.

When I returned, he was sobbing.

I had quite a long chat with his key worker. He had been good and had only started to cry when he had seen me coming down the steps. He had interacted with the other children, had played and had sat to the table for lunch, but had not eaten anything. He had slept for half an hour.

His key worker had called him Beanie twice!! She apologised, I laughed. They are so alike and she did have Beanie for a long time even if it was at least six years ago. She said, and I know it will take him a while to get use to it, I am just glad there was an improvement, even if it was only small.

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