Monday, 27 February 2012

12 Questions meme.

I have been tagged twice, on this one. First by A twenty something Mum and then today by Sarah Miles at Hello Wall. Both are fab bloggers and you should really check them out!

The idea and I don't know who started this meme, is that you are asked 12 questions which you answer and then think of another 12 to ask bloggers that you then tag.

These are my questions from Sarah.
  1. What is your earliest memory? This is a tricky one, I find memories tend to blur into picture memories and I am not sure now what is a real memory or whether it is just embedded into my head from seeing photos too often. getting our puppy when i as 4, and trying to get as far from him as possible in the car on the journey home, I was petrified, I had seen very few dogs in my life.
  2. Any children aside, what are you most proud of? Again a toughy, getting my degree, and getting a 2:1 when all my life I have lived in the shadow of my brother and he only got a 2:2!
  3. If you ran the London Marathon, which charity would you run for? Asthma Research UK, (All three boy have it) or Bliss (for Beanie!).
  4. What would be your perfect way to spend a day? Alone, relaxing with a good book!
  5. How do you take your tea/coffee? Tea, white (strong) no sugar. Coffee white (milky) two sugars. I don't drink much coffee!
  6. If you could swap places with someone (past or present) for one day, who would it be? Anyone with a daughter so I could go shopping and buy loads of pink! 
  7. If you decided to live abroad, which country would you choose to live in? Canada, no question about it, would go tomorrow if it wasn't for the family!
  8. Where do you go for a little bit of sanctuary? Work!!
  9. Have you ever appeared naked in public? Er - No, that would cause a blackout!
  10. What is your worst habit? Biting my nails
  11. What is your finest quality? Oh I don't know, my happy face! (now I am being silly!)
  12. What is you star sign? Cancer.
Then I have to come up with 12 new questions, I could be here all night doing this.......

  1. What's the worst thing about being a parent?
  2. What is your favourite book of all time? (kids or adult)
  3. Holidays - sun or snow?
  4. What was your first job and how much per hour did you earn?
  5. Beer, Wines or spirits?
  6. Which famous person do you wish you had sat next to in school?
  7. Can you ride a bike, rollerskate and do the splits?
  8. Who was your first crush?
  9. White, Milk or dark chocolate?
  10. What was the last thing you said to your partner/husband/wife?
  11. What was your favourite subject at school?
  12. What is your favourite pudding?
And then I have to tag some unsuspecting bloggers. I apologise now if you have been tagged already, I know this has been doing the rounds!

So I tag...
Rachel @ Mr Isaac's Blog
Blue Bear Wood
Fiona @ Mama's Little Baby Loves
And Fiona @ CoombeMill


  1. Thanks for joining in hun, love reading these! x

  2. Ah, the sanctuary of work.....!

    Loved reading your answers, thanks for joining in! xx