Thursday, 16 February 2012

3 boys, 5 miles.

Today I did something I initially think is a good idea, then  I regret it and when it comes to it - do enjoy.
I had agreed earlier in the week to go out for a walk with my Mum, and she intended on inviting her sister in law (my aunt) and her kids too.
My family is a bit weird and it needs explaining, but I guess we are more normal these days than when I was younger. There is 17 years between my mum and her brother (I guess a bit of an accident!) and 10 years between him and myself. His children (my cousins) are 7 and 9, either side of Beanie! So even though Beanie calls them his cousins, they are in actual fact mine!!
So yesterday Mum calls to say that we are all going for a walk on the moors, I got the map and start thinking about the disused railway line from Princetown, perfect for bike riding.
Yes, I agreed, they can all meet at our house, that's fine!
11am- the gang arrive, Mum, my aunt and uncle and two cousins.
I had already started to regret the decision as I normally do at these situations! Anything like this stresses me out, especially when moors-daddy isn't coming.
My first problem, wherever we go  is that Monkey isn't going to be able to walk all the way, so that means taking the double buggy. Then there are the bikes, Beanies got quite a big one now, and Monkey has his balance bike.
How the hell do I get them all in the car? Okay, so our car isn't small but that is just a twister of a dilemma.
Will it all fit in?
Please Mum, don't even mention taking the dog!
I had packed a lunch, drinks, nappies, spare clothes for monkey, the potty and thought I was ready to start loading the car. I had to ask moors-daddy to help with the logistics of it, and I should have paid more attention! He got it in, so loaded in next, were wellies, coats and the boys.
The plan had changed; no more walk on the moors, too open, too windy, too cold.
We followed my uncle, he was taking us somewhere we had never been before. Somewhere not too far away, somewhere I had never heard of.
We got there and the bikes and pram were unloaded and then the boys.
We were ready to go, at last.
We set off along a trail, I had no idea where it would take us or how far it went. The three older kids rode off, whilst Mum pushed the pram and I helped Monkey on his balance bike. He still hasn't quite got the hang of it!

We had one potty stop before heading off up the track, it was flat, it was downhill and there were a couple of killer hills up too. Monkey, as predicted didn't last long on the bike, but walked some of it and sat in the pram for a lot. His balance bike is great, it is so light, that I can put it through the handle of the pushchair and strap it into place and there it remains.

We stopped for a picnic, and the big kids went off on an adventure, climbing in amongst the trees and branches.
We then continued on the loop. Worm nodded off, the big kids rode ahead.

Beanie was fantastic, not once did he moan, whine, or ask to go home. He had to prove to his cousins that he was capable of riding. Considering this was his first really big ride (it has previously just been up on the moors), he was amazing. He showed the other two up big time. They both had help pushing their bikes, the odd tantrum and their parents giving into them. Beanie did it all himself. Not once did he ask me or his Nanna for a hand. He pushed or rode the whole trail.

And what a trail.
The main loop was just over four miles.

Morwellham and Tamar Trails

We did the main loop plus an extra bit at the top that was probably just under another mile.
It was a fab walk and one I will definitely be doing again. I am really pleased we were shown where it was and the way around.

On our return to the car, Monkey too had fallen asleep. I put the boys in and then set work on pram and bikes.
Could I get them in?
Could I heck?
Thankfully my aunt and uncle had their van and so they put Beanie's bike in the back of it with theirs and dropped it home for us!!
At home, all the boys were shattered, slightly ratty, and in need of bed.
Me, well my hips are feeling it already, and tomorrow morning probably every other bone and muscle will too!


  1. Oh what a great adventure. I bet they all slept well after that! A lovely read and fantastic pictures. It looks very like the Camel trail just a mile from Coombe Mill. We love to take the bikes along there as a family. So pleased it all worked out after all that organisation. thank you for linking to Country Kids

  2. Looks like a great day, very jealous we don't have any trails like that where we live, we have quite a drive to them. Best not show this post to my boys and hubby otherwise they would be packing the bikes straight away. Thank you fir sharing :-)

  3. oh what a fab trail. lovely photos, Well done to your boy for riding the whole way thats quite a treck!