Sunday, 26 February 2012

Fresh Air is the cure for everything!

This week I will be joining up with Fiona over at Coombe Mill for Country Kids.
We haven't done anything with the boys this weekend and the boys have been unwell, well the oldest two at least.
But we did get out onto the moors for a walk!

Monkey was sent home from nursery on Friday, I think he is the first of my children to be sent home from school. Nursery phoned my mum to collect him as he had a temperature and was feeling 'tired'.
When I returned home from work he was laid out on the settee, half asleep.

No sooner had I got through the door, than Beanie was complaining of a headache. I brushed it off, just assuming he was wishing he had been sent home too and said he could have Calpol later.

Monkey went to bed early and Beanie wasn't late. By 12:30am, Beanie was awake and screaming, he had a temperature and said his head hurt a lot. More Calpol.

On Saturday, Monkey had perked up a bit, but Beanie really wasn't himself and he spent nearly all day in our bed watching DVDs. Monkey was in and out of his bed all day, he put himself to bed at 5pm, watched Cars Toons on DVD and then shouted down for me at 6pm. I sent Beanie up to check on him. Beanie came back down to say that Monkey had asked him to turn the DVD player off, close his curtains and turn the light off. I went straight up to check on him to find him snoring!

My plans for Saturday had gone out of the window. We would wait and see what Sunday brought us!

Saturday night was uneventful.

We abandoned our plan to go to church, and Beanie retreated to our bed to watch another DVD in the morning . When he came back downstairs he proclaimed his head no longer hurt and that he felt okay. Monkey too seemed remarkably better.
I kicked them out into the garden to play, it being our first sunny day in ages.
They were out there for a good hour and then we decided we would all go for a walk on the moor. Fresh air won't hurt them.
Our main plan was to get Worm walking. He has been on his feet a lot more lately and is definitely getting more confident. He has walked across the lounge a lot without holding on. Every day he does a little bit more.
With a bit of help from his biggest brother, he walked nearly all the way around the cricket pitch, some unaided.
The fresh air did them all good and Beanie and Monkey were both ready for bed when we arrived home. A quick tea and they were both asleep.
The benefits of being out and about.


  1. I love brotherly love. Hope everyone is well again now. Love that picture of him walking and so dam pleased with himself :)

    1. It's been a long time waiting, he's 21 months on Tuesday, and he weighs a ton. I am just so glad he can finally put one foot in front of the other!

  2. Big brother looks like a real help to you and his younger brothers. Well done for getting them out after feeling poorly, some times fresh air and play helps them sleep off the bugs. Hope they are all well again for school tomorrow. Thanks for linking up.

  3. Lovely pics so great to get fresh air and the kids really do thrive after it too don't they?