Wednesday, 1 February 2012

i LoVe..... #1

For  my first 'i LoVe' post I am showing you a picture that hangs in our lounge.
It is a picture that houses three photographs.
Each picture is special.
Each picture holds memories.
Each boy is roughly the same age,
but very different!

They go in order from top to bottom.
Beanie, Monkey and Worm.
Beanie at 18 months.
In the garden, on top of the slide.
A cheeky smile, but thoughtful and intent.
Monkey at 17 months, in his pushchair,
wrapped up warm, in the snow.
Worm, last week, 20 months.
Chuckling away in his high chair.
yet to play in the garden, from lack of walking 
and yet to experience the snow!

All very different and yet so alike.
My three special boys.

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