Friday, 3 February 2012

I LoVe.... #3

My third posting for 'i LoVe' is something very special to me.

It is something I don't talk about or share with many people.

It means the world to me.

It shows me how lucky I am (we are) to have Beanie.

Beanie was our special baby, born at 33 weeks, 9 days before Christmas.

He wasn't supposed to be with us.

He surprised us all.

It was a very cold, grey December.

He was sick, very sick,
and had things done to him
that you wouldn't wish upon any child,
let alone a tiny, 4lb one!

On Christmas day, we went for our daily visit.

Every incubator had hanging on it, a stocking, overflowing with presents.
This in itself was a surprise, that these special babies had been remembered.
but more special to me was the Christmas card that lay on top.

To Mummy and Daddy.

A beautiful hand made card.
A picture of Beanie.
A hand print
and a foot print.
and words that to this day, bring tears to my eyes.
I love this card so much, just because of the meaning that it holds within.

My special baby!
(and yes if you look closely enough you can see his real name!)


  1. Thats so heart warming! Definitely a card you'll treasure forever x

  2. This is beautiful, what an absolutely lovely card! x