Friday, 10 February 2012

I LoVe....#10

Find out about things "i LoVe"

For today's 'i LoVe....' I am going to post something quite simple.
I love flowers,
 and occasionally I am lucky enough that moors-daddy will go out and get me some. 
Sometimes  I buy myself some.

My favourites are tulips. 
I love white tulips, 
they are probably the best but any colour tulips will do.
 I like the simplicity of tulips, the simple lines.

There is something very peaceful about Tulips. They bring me a sense of calm.

I also love Freesias,

again my favourite are the white ones,  but I love these because of their scent.
I had freesias in my wedding bouquet, and again there is a certain simplicity to these too.

I would love to be able to grow flowers in my garden. But at the moment the garden is very much a child friendly garden.
It is laid to lawn so the boys can play football, run around etc.
It isn't the biggest garden in the world, but we have just enough space for a small play area.
It has a playhouse, a swing and a slide.
One day this area will be my vegetable patch.
Where I will be able to grow carrots, potatoes and beans.
I also have plans for the lawns, to break them up and get some flowers in.
To make the garden a bit more adult friendly,
or will the boys be playing football forever?!


  1. Flowers are lovely :-) my mum keeps buying me just a simple bunch of daffs and they are making me smile this winter xx

  2. Ahhh how lovely that you know one day you will grow your own veg and flowers in your garden! x