Saturday, 11 February 2012

i LoVe....#11

Find out about things "i LoVe"

Only 3 more 'i LoVe....' posts until the linky! 
So I hope you are thinking about what you love!

Today is something that I do love, 
but that I just don't have time to do. 
I dream of the day when I will be able to have enough time to myself to get on and do it.

What is it?


I used to do a lot of cross stitch as a teenager, 
I have a work in progress. 
It's been in progress since 1997, 
that was when I last had the time. 
I think I may have done a bit more to it just after Beanie was born, 
but since then it has sat in our bedroom untouched.

Nearly finished but not quite.....!

I want to get it finished, 
but there are other things I want to try.

I want to learn to crochet. 
My gran taught me when I was about 12. 
I never started anything and so have forgotten. 
I regret that deeply now. 
My gran died when I was 19 and I wish like mad that she could be the one to teach me again. 
I have discovered some fab craft blogs that have great ideas and tips, 
including the amazing Red Ted Art.

 I bought myself the Cath Kidston Crochet book for Christmas, 
so that I can have a go, 
the instructions in it and those from Red Ted Art. 
I hope I can achieve something!
Crochet Kit in a BookTin

I would also like a sewing machine, to make a variety of different things. 
I was inspired by the lovely Kirstie Allsopp on her Handmade Britain show and would love to have a go at machine embroidery.

I can see me now. 
A lovely little work area in our bedroom with lots of fabrics, 
buttons (I love buttons!) and ribbons. 
My sewing machine set up.

I will let you know how I get on, 
if and when I attempt these but fingers crossed I will get a chance soon!

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  1. My mum is a real crafter,she does knitting,sewing and is great at it but me,well I can't even thread a needle! X