Sunday, 12 February 2012

i LoVe....#12

Find out about things "i LoVe"

So number 12 is here, and I guess I have to give today's to Worm.
Worm is now 20 months old.
My baby.
Someone today asked me if there was anything specific he would like for his birthday.
That scared me.
My baby will be 2 soon.

He is a real sweetie. 
That cute little look.
Those eyes!

Worm is slowly developing his character.
A character that has to stand up to two big brothers.
He is roughly the same weight as Monkey and only about an inch shorter.
He can stand up for himself.
He does it by hitting and throwing.
You tell him off.
He laughs.
An infectious little laugh, that makes you want to smile.
His development is behind that of the other two (we shouldn't compare!)
But at 20 months he still can't walk.
He can do about 10 steps, but then gives in and crawls,
at the speed of light.
It is so much quicker to crawl than walk,
 if you are being chased by your brothers.
He talks nineteen to the dozen and probably has about a dozen recognisable words.
Great another chatter box!

He seems to understand very little, 
or maybe that is just because he is a boy!
He hates food.
He hardly eats a thing.
Nearly everything you put in front of him, 
gets thrown across the room.
He knows what he likes....
yoghurts and crisps.
He drives his mother insane over the little that he eats.
And his sleep is just as bad.
He can wake every 40 minutes.
I can be down the stairs 7 times a night.
If I am lucky it may be 3 times.
But even if he has had limited sleep and food.
He always has a smile.
A beautiful smile, that makes everyone else smile too.
He is also very cuddly, 
and yesterday, 
with the other two at their grandparents,
we sat and cuddled nearly all day.
I know he will get better,
his eating and sleeping will improve.
He will grow up being very close to Monkey.
They are two peas in a pod
and loved to bits!


  1. Awww,nice to be introduced to Worm :-) these posts have been great,I'm really enjoying them xx

  2. He is absolutely beautiful! What a gorgeous little smile! x