Tuesday, 14 February 2012

i LoVe....#14 - Happy Valentines Day!

Find out about things "i LoVe"

My last 'i LoVe....' post.
I have enjoyed doing these for the last two weeks.
It has been interesting coming up with the things that I like, sorry "Love".
Today is probably the most important one.
Moors-Daddy and I met in August 1995.
We worked together in a shop in Plymouth.
I was the Saturday girl!
We started seeing each other in the September.
I had just turned 18!
16 and a half years later, things have changed.
But we are still together.
We eventually got married in 2003,
then seven months later Beanie was on the scene.
We have lived in two very different houses together,
but are now very much settled here.
We both work.
His shifts mean that we, at times, see very little of each other.
But we get by,
maybe it makes us stronger.
We appreciate the time that we do have together.
Last Easter we spent some quality time together.
Something we hadn't done in seven and a half years.
Moors-Daddy had planned and booked me a treat.
A surprise treat (my Christmas present).
A weekend in Paris.
No children.
(Thank you grandparents!)
A weekend to ourselves.
Decent sleep.
It was an adventure.
Just me and him.
We saw the sights,
we were up early,
too early, we should have had a lie in but no,
we had things to see.

We had the most amazing meal out.
In a Japanese restaurant.
It cost the earth but we didn't care.
That time together,
those two days,
just being alone,
meant the world to us both.
Brought us closer together.
We love our boys but we know,
that occasionally you have to be together, without them.
To remember why you are together in the first place.

We don't do Valentine's Day,
we never really have.
Because if you truly love someone,
then everyday is Valentine's Day,
just without the cards and presents,
we don't need to remind each other
that we love each other.
A lot.

So there is my 14th and final 'i LoVe....' post.
Now all you need to do is join in.
Simply post your five great loves onto your blog (and they can be about anything!)
and join the linky below.
I look forward to reading them.


  1. Awww,just awww :-) a fab series of posts! X

  2. This is so lovely! I've really enjoyed this series of your posts, all brilliant! x