Thursday, 2 February 2012

i LoVe....#2

So my second 'i LoVe' post is of the dog.

Our dog is a beautiful black Labrador.
He will be seven next month.
At times, he is beginning to show his age,
and yet he still has moments of puppy madness.
When he meets another dog on the moors, he tears around, 
at the speed of light, his head to one side.
In pure delight
that he can keep up!

He loves other dogs, he will run over to say hello.
If it's another Labrador he "loves" it in more ways than one!
Male or female, he really isn't fussy!
He knows his own breed!

He puts up with a lot.
The boys have sat on him, 
put their fingers in his ears,
and up his nostrils.
On Tuesday morning, Monkey read to him.
He takes it all, without a groan or a growl.

He sleeps a lot.
His hips are going!
When it gets too noisy,
he retreats upstairs to his bed, in our bedroom.
He snores all night!

I do love him dearly.
He is a great friend,
a companion,
my night watchman.

His hair gets everywhere.
I don't like the fact that he sleeps in our room,
the farts, the snoring.
He barks at every noise.
When it's cold and wet,
and moors-daddy is working, it is I that has to walk him,
with the boys in tow.
The muddy foot prints on
the clean kitchen floor.
I can never tell whether Worm has eaten,
or whether it has been thrown to the dog.
He sits in position, under the high chair.

the house just wouldn't be the same,
without the bark and the patter of feet,
 as you put the key in the lock.
And the comfort of knowing he is there,
 when moors-daddy is working the night shift.


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