Saturday, 4 February 2012

I LoVe....#4

I have blogged twice today already - what is up with me?
and I have had to think about todays 'i LoVe' quite hard.

The weather eventually got me on the right track.

Tuning onto twitter, it was lovely to see everyones tweets about the snow.

And as much as I love winter, and I do a lot, it got me thinking about sunnier times.

We have had no snow here today, just rain, and lots of it!

There is something I miss a lot in the winter,

and that is the beach.

I love the beach,
I may live on the moors,
but my heart and soul belong
by the sea.

I dream of living somewhere where I can see the sea from my living room.
I love the beach house.
We haven't been there for some time.
It is so small that it is hard to contain
 the 3 boys in such a small space, 
especially when the weather is bad 
and they can't get outside.

Though at the same time, the best time to be on the beach is in winter.
When there is nobody else there.
The whole beach to yourself.
When the boys and the dog can run around to their heart's content.
I love the sea when it is rough.
When the waves come crashing into shore.
I love the noise.
Feeling the spray on your face.
Getting cold and knowing that when you get back to the beach house
you can get warm again and cosy. 
 And that you can have a nice hot drink and some food.


  1. Sounds fab,I would love a beach house to go too :-) xx

  2. I love the beach too! But I am enjoying the snow today I must admit! x