Tuesday, 7 February 2012

i LoVe....#7

Find out about things "i LoVe"

Today I have been feeling pretty pants, my throat is sore, as is my right ear. I cannot swallow and I cannot hear properly. Both are actually quite painful.

There is something that I love though when I am ill, and that is the animals ability to know and understand that you are not quite right, and the way the cats come and curl up with you when you are feeling bad.

However much I say I love the dog (and I do) I will admit to anyone that I am much more of a cat person.

As a child I never had a cat, but in the summer of 2000, a large black and white cat adopted me at the beach house. At the time I was running summer schools in Cornwall and I was staying at the beach house a lot on my own. When I arrived, he would be waiting for me. At the end of the summer my mother brought him home on the condition that when I left home so did he!
We stayed with my parents for a year before we moved in with moors-daddy. Guinness as he was called (due to the white tip on his tail) was a beautiful, soft, cuddly cat. He and moors-daddy were inseparable. He slept at my feet every night, until one morning I was aware he hadn't been on the bed. In my heart I knew something was wrong, moors-daddy said he was just out. I searched the house and found him under Beanie's bed.
He was with us 8 years and we would become lost without him. We had no cat in the house for four months and whilst away with friends we realised how much Beanie missed him. On our return we paid a visit to the cats and dogs home and came back with two kittens a fortnight later!
Max and Ruby were brother and sister, and were lovely.
 Max's temperament was very much like Guinness whilst Ruby was more adventurous.

We knew she wandered but never realised how far, until a month before their third birthday. We had 'that' phone call from the vets, saying she had been knocked over (a mile from home) and there was nothing they could do. I had lost my girl, and Max his sister. He sat with his face against the fence in the garden for weeks......nothing we did helped him, he was one very depressed cat. He had spent every day of his life with her and every night curled up with her.
So we went back to the cats and dog home.
I had seen two beautiful cats online, on the page that lists those that had been there too long.
We went to find cages of kittens, but I spotted the two I had seen, and I had to have them.
Brotherly cuddles.
They were RSPCA rescues. Had had a poor start to life, and could not be separated. Lots of people had asked to adopt Indy but didn't want Albert thinking his missing eye would cost them a lot.
One eyed Albert.
We took them both!!
We had 48 hours of scratching, clawing and hissing, and we thought we had made a dreadful mistake, but we knew Max and we knew he needed the company.
Max and Albert
On their third day in the house I found all three curled up together in the basket under our bed and knew we had made the right decision.

All 3 together!

Max still sits by the fence sometimes and we know he still misses his sister but his two new brothers have help a lot!

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  1. This is so cute! I love cats but my partner is HORRIBLY allergic. I did try and take home a kitten once as a 'suprise' but it didn't last long because his allergy was overwhelming. Broke my heart to re-home the beautiful kitty!! x