Wednesday, 8 February 2012

I LoVe....#8

Find out about things "i LoVe"

My eighth 'i LoVe' post is going to be about something that I consider quite strange and random.

I belong to netmums and it has amazed me over the years some of the discussions about pushchairs.

I wrongly assumed that everyone is like me and that when they had their first child they bought their pushchair and that was it, they kept it for subsequent babies and it was handed down until no more were going to arrive.

However I have discovered that some people, like the lady on "15 kids and Counting" the other week, buy a new one for each child. Others buy new ones every six months. It amazed me. Am I wrong to have my third child in my eight year old pushchair that I bought for my first? Have I missed out on something?

But I love my pushchair. I bought it the month we moved into our house, the delievery was 2-3 months, it thankfully turned up sooner, in time for Beanie's early arrival.
My beloved pushchair is a Jané Powertrack. The original 3 wheeler, with the static front wheel. It has been a god send on the moors, as a swivel front wheel just wouldn't have the stability we need. It is a lovely pushchair to push and deals with all the weather Dartmoor has thrown at us!

We bought it with the carrycot and all three boys have come home and spent their first few weeks in the pram in the lounge bay window, to try and help rid their jaundice. There is something so lovely about seeing them in that pram. The peacefulness of a newborn baby.

It is by far my most loved baby item, it has stood the test of time, (just) it has survived a lot, but I wouldn't be without it.


  1. I'm not too sure what pushchair etiquette is either! But I know I can't afford new ones all the time! Lovely write up x

    1. I know, how can people afford new prams all the time. Mine has now broken but is still usable do I will continue to use it. I am trying to get rid of my double and get a sit and stand second hand just so I can get out a bit more. Thanks for the comment, always nice to know someone reads my random thoughts!