Thursday, 9 February 2012

i LoVe....#9

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'i LoVe....#9'

Today is the turn of boy number two.


As he is getting older he is changing so much.
Only this morning we commented on how grown up he has become.
Three days a week at nursery and wearing big boy pants, makes a huge difference.

Monkey, is very sweet, very cuddly (on his terms) and very amusing.
His character is developing, 
he is beginning to work things out in his own way. 
He is already beginning to shine at nursery.
He desperately wants to be like Beanie....8, 
when he is still just 3!

Monkey asked if he could learn to play the drums when he was can guess my response! 
But as he has got a little older we have realised that actually he will. 
He and moors-daddy sit and watch the music channels, 
both pretending to drum away, 
and Monkey has rhythm! 
We may be able to hold him off until his fourth birthday. 
I hope so at least!

Monkey likes being outdoors, he likes running around. 
He is also my little sleeper, 
he would regularly go 12 hours if I could let him. 
He is still firmly attached to his dummy, 
and even though we have talked about the dummy fairy coming, 
he isn't quite ready for the visit yet.

He has now been in pants during the day since December.
We have had the odd accident, don't they all?
If we are going out, we put pull ups on under his pants
and tell him they must be dry on our return.
They usually are.
Today whilst at the swimming pool,
he asked to go to the big boy toilet.
His first wee on a toilet out of the house!!
No more pull ups when we are out and about!
Nights are still a long way off.
I have never known a child who can wet through a nappy at night, 
like Monkey can.
I regularly wash his bed!

But Monkey is so funny at times, doing his robot dance, 
chasing Worm around the coffee table
and if you are lucky enough you may just catch him 
watching telly and dancing to the Teletubbies
or just dancing and wiggling his bum to the music!

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