Sunday, 19 February 2012

Pinterest Party 1.

Welcome to the first Pinterest Party!
*blows party hooter*

The idea came to me after spending hours browsing my new found love - Pinterest.
I was finding my evenings going quicker than ever, as I sat submerged in pictures.
I wanted a way that I could share my boards and have a look at other people's whilst also finding out why they like the pictures they pin.

So the Pinterest Party was born.

What you do....
  1. Log in or set up an account on Pinterest.
  2. Then in the search bar type in the topic/theme for this week.
  3. This first week is CUPCAKES. (I said they would be random!)
  4. Browse through the pictures until you find ONE picture that you like the most.
  5. PIN IT onto your board (Pinterest Party- you may have to create one)
  6. Blog about your choice of picture. Making sure you follow the RULES.
  7. Link back to moors-mummy in your post
  8. Return here and add your blog to the linky.
  9. Have a look at the others and comment on their blogs and follow on Pinterest!
  10. Enjoy it and come back next Sunday!
So here is my first party piece.
I love cupcakes and I love making them, though I do struggle icing them, due to arthritis in my right wrist and thumb joint. Moors-daddy has to ice ours for us, as I just don't have the strength. When I saw this picture I knew it had to be my choice for the first party. Beanie is Lego obsessed and he would be absolutely made up if me or moors-daddy could create something like these. (I think moors-daddy would be too!) To be honest I think any Lego fan would be. Maybe we should have a go!
How fabulous are they?....

picture taken from Pinterest. Original source

I'm on Pinterest as moors-mummy!



  1. I have been accepted on pinterest (I gather there is now a waiting list?) but have no idea how to use it. When I get some time to myself (ha ha) I will investigate and try to join in - especially as cupcakes are a recent fad of mine!


  2. i'll be joining in - but first wanted to give you a heads-up that your cupcake photo isn't showing up. You may need to find a different version of the image file.

  3. I love these they are adorable. They look to cute to eat and too fun to put down! I'd be constantly reassembling them into new formations.