Thursday, 23 February 2012

Swimming in a Sea of Chocolate!

I love Chocolate, to be honest I struggle to think of anyone who doesn't like it.
Even moors-daddy who has an allergy to it, still likes it!
I will admit I am a Galaxy kind of girl.
The smoothness, that melt in the mouth sensation that it brings!
But any chocolate will do if I am honest!

But can you ever have too much?

In the moors household the answer is quite simply .....YES!

I love Christmas, but there was a tradition in my house when I was growing up, that Santa brings chocolate for your stocking and this has been passed on, even though every year I regret it after Christmas, as we find ourselves swimming in it yet again.
The boys all had a stocking and the majority of their bits within it were chocolate based,
the had other bits in there too!
But here we are eight weeks after Christmas and there is still chocolate in the fridge and in Beanie's bedroom.
We allow Beanie to take it upstairs because we know that he will never go and just stuff his face.
He knows that this is wrong and so wouldn't dare do it.
The other two would!
Hence theirs is in the fridge, safe out of their way.
What gets to me every year,
isn't necessarily the amount that they get,
but that it does take them so long to eat it!
If it was mine it would have vanished by New Year,
but they are not really chocolate lovers
(must be a moors-daddy gene!)
and won't want it all the time.
When Beanie does ask to have some,
he inevitably comes back down with one chocolate coin.
We try and tell him that it is okay, if he wants more, but no - one is always enough.
So as soon as Christmas is over,
the supermarkets start stocking their shelves,
with the next seasonal goodies,
yep more chocolate!
And as in previous years,
the Christmas chocolate will last the boys up until ....
the week before the next lot arrives!
So in six weeks time,
our house will yet again be swimming in it,
though I guess there is always another option....
Mummy could always help them get through it!


  1. Look, you know if your struggling with it, I can always take some off your hands. Friend to Friend ;-) xx

  2. Exactly! I am sure there are loads of friends who can help you with your chocolate problem!

  3. It would never last that long with me! It calls out to me 'eat me!' :-)