Saturday, 18 February 2012

Welcome to my Pinterest PARTY!

To all Pinterest fans and I am now one of them, I invite you to join my weekly Pinterest Party!

I only discovered Pinterest a few weeks ago, but have found that my time now is spent looking through thousands of beautiful pictures, every evening. I have pinned them and set up my boards, some quite random, but that is what I like! I change them, I move them around, and I still have hardly any in comparison to  some, so I thought of a way to discover new pictures on Pinterest.

The idea is that every Sunday morning I will give you a topic or theme.                                                       
The themes will be chosen randomly, depending on what I find!!!
You have to find ONE picture from Pinterest that relates to that topic and post it on your blog stating why you chose this one picture from all those other lovely ones out there.
Then link back to my blog using the linky!
The linky will be open until the following Friday at midnight.

The Rules.
1. Anyone with a Pinterest account can join in (if you haven't got one I suggest you sign up - though be warned your evenings will quickly disappear amongst a pin board of beautiful pictures!)
2. The picture you post must have been pinned by you. I am going to suggest that you set up a "Pinterest Party" board so we can find all the pictures easily.
3. Make sure you abide by the copyright rules, and link your picture back to the original source. 
4. Fill in the linky on my blog, linking it to either your blog post or your Pinterest Party Board, so that others can find you (and that includes me!)
5. Clink glasses with as many of the other posts as possible, leaving comments and follow any bloggers that join in, that you like, on Pinterest!
6. ENJOY  looking at all those pictures!

So tomorrow morning at 8am the first topic will be posted and the partying begins!

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