Thursday, 8 March 2012

8 months in....

So here I am 8 months in........ to blogging. 
I still feel like a newbie, 
I still wonder why I am doing this.
Some days I think is it worth while.
I know about writing for myself,
and I do.
I am keeping a record of every day goings on in the moors house.
To show the boys as they grow up what their childhood was like.
The different things we did.
How life has changed, will change.
I still worry,
that my blog is rubbish,
I still feel like I have no idea.
Have I done too much,
taken on more than I can handle!
Are the Blogging Blues returning?
or is it that I have been ill and my mind 
has not been where I want it to be.
I feel the need for a blogging make over.
I have ideas and plans for the blog but need the time to sit down and play!
will anyone notice?
will anyone care?
I look at other people's,
and they seem to be doing so well, 
when I feel like I am stuck,
few followers,
a Facebook phobe...
I don't really know what to do with 'my page',
(I am really a bit of a technophobe, 
so sometimes I surprise myself!)
how do I improve my blog?
Does sharing who you are make it better,
do I 'come out?!'
The real me!
Or carry on as I am......
Sometimes I think I need to be more honest,
say what is going on in my head,
but sometimes it just comes out as rubbish 
and sits in the draft folder until it's deleted.
Oh what to do?
Maybe I just expect too much.......!


  1. Hi lovely lady- I think you're doing a fabulous job! Always click on your post when they pop up in my follower feed- carry on as you are if it makes you happy! :) xx

    1. Thank you Natalie, I think I am having a down day, and just feeling it a bit! ant to change the design and stuff and do more reviews but don't really know how to.....
      (Thanks for comment below too I didn't know that - will turn them off coz I can never work them out either!!)

  2. Oh, and I don't knoe if you know, but it's helped me no end on the whole comments side of things- you've got word verification turned on when you leave a comment, and I know there's some bloggers who will read but not reply as they can't get past them damn words (me... I just guess half the time lol). If you want to turn it off you can do so in your blogger settings. If you know it's there and have kept it intentionally then just ignore me and silently think to yourself that I'm an interfering moo!! x

    1. Oh where is it I can't find it? (told you I was a technophobe)!

  3. Firstly big hug *hugs* as I fear i've sparked this post with my whinging rant yesterdat and feel guilty! Thank you so much for your wonderful comment on my post, it really touched me. As all of your comments do. I can not thank you enough for them, they have helped me no end and I love to know that you read my blog and enjoy it. I love yours just as much, I love everything you write about so don't stop mrs! I would have a blog-void if you stopped! Just remember what you wanted to get out of this andd keep that at heart. Don't write about things you don't want to, this is YOUR space and Your piece of the web. It's up to you to shape it how you want..and I love it regardless x

  4. Rachel (@rachey320)9 March 2012 at 09:01

    I love reading your blog. I spent a lot of my childhood at my grandparents farm in Devon and my gran still lives on Dartmoor so love seeing the pics! I think bits of you do come through on your blog but I may be wrong! Maybe it's just spring cleaning feeling taking over! X

  5. Hi moors mummy. I have been reading your blog for some time now & you should definitely continue. I know what you mean about not always knowing what to write. I think you should try and be as positive in it as you can. Sometimes what you write about is a bit negative like being ill and having no time to yourself. I bet you've actually got a really fantastic life with 3 lovely children. Everyone's day to day existence is a bit mundane so perhaps you needn't write so often but when you do concentrate on good things. Also maybe comment on some things that your readers are aware about so we can tell what your thoughts are & know what you think about what goes on in the world. That would tell us more about you than we already know & be more interesting than you talking about similar things. Anyway it's just some food for thought. P.s. I really liked your I love topics. Keep up the good work, love & kisses, Mary xx

    1. Thanks Mary, that's really interesting, I only deleted a post in draft the other day that was my opinion of something but I thought it wasn't very good, maybe I should reconsider! x