Wednesday, 7 March 2012

The Gallery - Light!

This weeks The Gallery from Tara over at Stickyfingers1 is "Light",
a tricky one I found,
as most of my pictures that have any amount
of light in them is usually for all the wrong reasons.
This one I found whilst browsing through the huge
quantity of photos that we have on the computer
and is one taken by moors-daddy
from last year and shows beautifully (I think)
the sun shining on a snowy day on Dartmoor.
I love views like these,
and they are one of the reasons that we live where we do.


  1. That is beautiful! I thought the snow was sand at first LOL.

  2. wow that is just a beuatiful photo!

  3. its a very wild and rugged landscape isn't it? this photo is really stunning and sums Dartmoor up very well x

  4. Great photo. I love Dartmoor, there's always something a bit magical about it. We only live 5 minutes away, yet still struggle to find the time to go up there x