Sunday, 11 March 2012

Listography - Top 5 Cookbooks

I haven't joined in with Listography for a while 
but this week Kate from Katetakes5 put up an interesting one.
Your top 5 cookbooks.

My first is the classic that is Delia, where would we be without her.
I first used this book when I was still living at home 
and it is one that I do not possess but have to get hold of.
Her meringue recipe is fantastic!
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My second is Jamie's 30 Minute meals. Another one that I think most people own but 
there are many recipes in there that are so simple and take such little time. 
They are great for a get together with friends.
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My third has to be a Nigella. I just love the way she does it, she is my type of cook. 
I have a few of her books, but one in particular has sticky notes throughout -
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My fourth is our Bible, it is so well used that it is beginning to fall apart on the spine.
I have added notes to the back pages.
It has some of the nicest cake recipes in it that I tweek. I think it may have been one of the first cookbooks 'we' bought as a couple.
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My last fifth one, is a bit random.  When I was growing up my mum had this tiny little cookbook that was rammed into her recipe cupboard but she used it all the time when baking. If you didn't look hard enough you'd miss it. When I moved out I asked her if I could have it, she wouldn't let me but set out to find a copy. She must have had it since she got married and we thought that it was irreplaceable but she found it and gave it to me for Christmas in my stocking! It's a fab book for baking, that is all I can say!
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Now go on over to Katetakes5 and check out what everyone else has chosen

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  1. We've got the Jamie Oliver 30 minute book as well, I'm yet to make something out of it though! :-)
    Great list.

  2. Great list. I like the fact that your Mum wouldn't let go of her Be-Ro books. Will have to look out for that one as it is obviously a real gem!

  3. My mum has those last two books and I think they were my grandmothers! I have the first three books too and Nigella's Kitchen is my favourite book at the moment, I love it!

  4. I've got a copy of the Good Housekeeping book and have to agree that it's very good indeed. The Be-Ro books look like fun, I'll have to look out for them

  5. I've got the Good Housekeeping book on my list too. Over the years I've used it and used it. I bought it in a discount store - and even so, it's been such good value for money!
    I think Jamie's 30 min meals is great too. Jools pregnant pasta is one of my favourite recipes.

  6. Aw love your no. 5 story! Good Housekeping is the absolute winner in this listography - most surprising!

  7. Great selection! I have that Jamie book and the Nigella book too.

  8. All good books...will definitely be looking up the Be-Ro idea what it is!

  9. What a great selection. I must get that Jamie Oliver!

  10. I think Jamie is making an appearance on most people's lists! Love the book your mum found for you.

  11. Great list - Be-ro recipes are new to me! Definitely going to look those up.