Thursday, 1 March 2012

More Sickness in the Moors Household.

and this time it's me!

I had a viral throat infection before half term, I saw the doctor but they couldn't give me anything and "its Viral" (God that annoys me!) so I returned to work carrying a box of Strepsils and tried to continue my job. Hard when you have to shout across a classroom/sports hall at 30 kids with a sore throat.

On Monday after a rather shouty lesson with my year 8's, I got home and my throat was agony. Moors-daddy was working so I got the boys to bed and went to bed early myself. Tuesday I managed the school run, and came home to do some marking but found myself getting colder and colder. By lunchtime, I knew I was really ill. I was feverish, sweating buckets one minute, freezing cold the next. I was sick. The in laws picked up the oldest two from school and came back to our house to pick up Worm and take him and Monkey to theirs as they always do on a Tuesday evening. They took one look at me and offer to take Beanie too. I was in bed by 6pm.
I stayed there all day on Wednesday. My legs were really aching, and I couldn't get comfortable in bed, I had had a restless night, along with being hot and cold, throwing the duvet off, pulling it back, all night long. I called the doctor, who prescribed Penicillin over the phone, so moors-daddy was sent to pick it up. Wednesday the in-laws picked Beanie up from school again and took him back to theirs as well as keeping the other two. I got up twice to pee, but struggled to walk to the toilet, my legs were like jelly. My parents came out in the evening, my dad took the dog for a long walk as moors-daddy was working, my mum went to parents evening for Beanie for me. I stayed in bed.
Today I have got up, I thought my legs were better, I have showered because I needed to and come downstairs, my legs are still very unstable. I know some of that is because I have been unable to eat for the last two days, I tried a yoghurt yesterday but couldn't finish it, (I have lost 5lb in weight - Yeah!!) I am trying to drink a cup of tea as I write this but am struggling, it's getting cold.
I have told work that I will not be in until next Wednesday at the earliest, until I have finished the penicillin, I will not rush back as I know it will just return.
Tonight the boys return, but thankfully moors-daddy now has a week off work.


  1. oh dear I hope you get better really soon, rest up and enjoy having moors daddy home to look after you x

  2. Get well soon. Good blog. You might enjoy this little poem about mothers.