Tuesday, 13 March 2012

My First Rant - School Shoes!

Okay, so I normally write about every day life in the moors household, the things we get up to, what the boys get up to but today is going to be different.
I am going to have a moan.....

For those of you who follow regularly, you will know a bit about Beanie.
He is a quiet boy, very set in his ways, very well behaved and very black and white. If he is told not to do something, he won't do it. He struggles to understand why some children are naughty. He is an absolute angel really.
So when I buy him clothes and shoes I know they will last. He doesn't throw himself around, get dirty, he doesn't graze his knees.
Imagine my surprise then, when I went to clean his school shoes last weekend to find that he had gone through the leather on the toes on both of them, and I mean actually gone through, the leather has split.
Now if Beanie was playing football at playtime or crawling around the playground on his hands and knees, I could understand it, but this is Beanie, he hates football and prefers to sit and read his book at playtime. He occasionally plays 'It' but that is as good as it gets, so how can he go through them!
What is even more annoying is that I only bought them for him just after Christmas, so he has worn them for 10 weeks!
10 weeks!!!!!! Surely a pair of shoes should last more than ten weeks.
I would take them back but I can't find the blasted receipt, so what do I do. I am reluctant to buy him another pair, they may not last till the end of the school year, but he needs shoes....
Do I buy a cheap pair as these were £35 from a certain well known shoe shop (Clarks!) and haven't lasted five minutes, or do I fork out for something more robust? I really don't know.
As for Clarks, the more I think about them the more they annoy me. Our nearest branch is in Plymouth, 15 miles away, the kids shoes are on the first floor, a small lift takes you up but you can't fit a double buggy in it - there's logic there - not!! We have to go as a family so moors-daddy can carry Monkey, so we can get the single pram in the lift - it's a nightmare - maybe I won't go back!

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  1. I can sympathise with this. I have the same but with my 8 year old boy and 11 year old girl. Unfortunately mine do play quite rough, den making the works. School places restrictions on the type of shoes they wear as well, though I have managed to have this swayed recently whilst we have building works going on. I have tried buying black skate shoes for them both, simply because they are very tough on the soles and the uppers, but this does not match with school rules either. I don't understand why they do not last, I was always outside when young, I can't even remember what I wore, but I certainly didn't get a new pair of shoes every 10 weeks. I have no answer unfortunately, just some reassurance that you are not alone in the fight against the shoe war. Zoe