Thursday, 29 March 2012

Please tell me other children do this too

An update on Worm's first term at nursery.

I can't believe it's a term already.

He can now walk, which is great and for the staff, a god send I am sure!

Every Tuesday morning we are ready for tears and tantrums because that is what we get. I can handle them. Every time it is a drop and run, leaving him there with his key worker, crying as I peg it out the door. I have done that with all 3 now! It no longer bothers me or upsets me - to be honest I love those 4 hours to myself (cleaning / washing etc).

But last week and this week have been a bit different. He is fine when we get there, he is fine dropping Monkey off to his section, but when we get to the Caterpillar room it starts, and not just tears and tantrums, oh no, Worm has started doing something else. He makes himself sick!

Last week just a little bit, today loads, all over himself, me and the floor. (Embarassed Mummy!) I cleaned him, wiped him down, and sat down with him until he settled himself and the thumb went in and then I passed him over- cue tears - and I ran!

Apparently he tried that tactic again but his key worker told him "no" and he stopped! Little bugger!!

When I went to collect him, he was happily playing on his own with some toys. He spotted me and walked over, no tears, no 'Cuski' (his comforter), that had gone in the bag and he hadn't slept!! :)
So I got afternoon to myself as well - bonus, whilst he slept on the sofa and we now have two weeks before we start again, but next time I will be going prepared!


  1. My friend's little girl used to do this when she didn't want to go to playschool or do something. She just ignored it, cleaned her up and sent her anyway, and in the end she stopped doing it, but I know she found it terribly upsetting. By the sounds of it you're dealing with it in exactly the right way. Hopefully he'll soon realise that it's a pointless exercise. Good luck.

  2. I've not heard of it but Mummy Plum's comment sounds the best way-ignore it and hopefully he will stop. Kids now days they will do anything to avoid school! x

  3. Crickey Honey is starting in a few months and I'm dreading it! Keep us updated! Xxx