Monday, 9 April 2012

The Baker Boys - Gingerbread Flowers

Written last Tuesday!
The little two had gone to Granny and Grandads. They always go every Tuesday, whether I am working or not. It gives me time to sleep and spend some one on one time with Beanie in the holidays.

Beanie had asked me if we could do some more baking, so I got down the Children's cookbook that they got last Christmas and told him to decide what he wanted to make before we did our Tesco trip so that we could get any ingredients we needed. The book is a great little kids cookbook from Usborne with some fab recipes in, a few that I was secretly hoping he would choose, but he settled on The Gingerbread Flowers. We did our Tesco trip and we bought everything we thought we needed. Then home, ready to bake the next morning.

When we started to get things organised for baking we looked through the ingredients, making sure we had everything - alas no plain flour-so a quick trip to our local shop/post office and then we were ready to start.
Firstly we had to add all the dry ingredients into a bowl. Beanie liked sieving the flour, bicarbonate of soda, ginger and cinnamon, and making a mess!

Then we had to add butter, chopped into small pieces and this had to be rubbed in. A new experience for Beanie, but as you can see from his face he loved it!

We then had to beat one egg and add this to the mix.

We mixed in the egg, but the dough mixture was really dry,
and it wouldn't combine to a dough ball,
so we added another egg!
Then we rolled out the dough until it was about 5mm thick and started to cut out our shapes.
Like we have a flower cutter in a house full of boys!
We found a heart and a star, and we used the sandwich cutters to make some dinosaurs and jigsaw pieces for the little ones!
They then had to be baked in the oven at 180 C for about 12-15 minutes.

First batch out of the oven!
I did ice them for the boys but I do at as they eat them, in case they go a bit soggy.
They have enjoyed them, but I think I would stick to my old gingerbread recipe in future!

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