Monday, 2 April 2012

Fussy Eater = Non Sleeper

3 and a half years.
That is how long it's been going on.
Night after night.
It drives me insane.

Not one of my boys has slept though the night before the age of 2 and a half.

Worm, at 22 months still wakes at least twice a night. Sometimes it's every hour. I spend all night going up and down the stairs. Sometimes I may get a few hours sleep and that now seems to mess me up a little. On the night they go to the in-laws, I sleep, but I always feel worse in the morning. My body just isn't used to it. How do we cope? How does our body adjust from eight hours before children to 3-4 once they are here? Are some of us better at getting up, more prone to waking. Moors-daddy never wakes unless kicked into action, and that is only when I have had enough, and I mean had enough. Some times it gets to me. Lately it is getting to me more and more.
Someone once said to me that I can cope on only a few hours sleep, I agreed with them though deep down I wanted to scream that I have no bloody choice. If I don't get up, no one will. I can't let them scream. Every night is the same. 1am, 3am and 5am. Sometimes for a cuddle, sometimes a drink. They have all done it. Each one progressively worse.
Why do they do it?
I am not sure but I think that Worm's lack of food has a lot to do with it. Monkey was a fussy eater, but nothing like as bad as Worm. It doesn't matter what you give him, if he isn't in the mood it's on the floor in seconds. One day he'll eat it the next time he won't. Some days hardly a morsel touches his mouth, others he eats well, but these days are very rare. He now has a cup during the day in an attempt to cut down on his milk, hoping it would make him eat more. It hasn't.
Monkey got better, but some days he still refuses to eat his dinner and goes to bed without having had an evening meal. It doesn't bother him one bit. Monkey sleeps well whatever, snoring as soon as his head hits the pillow! So I know that one day Worm will also start to eat properly and that the should mean he will also sleep well too.
One day I know I will be moaning at them to get out of bed at midday, if I too am not still in mine! But at the moment I long for sleep, or a nap on the sofa!

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  1. You know what hun? I'm not going to say "it will get better blah blah" all I'm going to say is you poor thing. That must be bloody terrible for you and I can totally understand why you feel like that. I need sleep to function and without it I would rather not function! I really trully hope that there will be a break through for you guys on the sleeping front, until then I suggest a friendship with caffeine and practicing kickin (to kick moors-daddy out of bed to do it once in a while!) lots of hugs xx