Thursday, 19 April 2012

I need to Blog...........

I need to blog, I need to blog, I need to blog......

This has become a bit of a  mantra in the last couple of weeks.

I know I need to write, I have lots to write about but finding the time is proving both hard and quite stressful. If I had nothing to write about maybe I would feel better, but I do and I need to get writing..........

Life is stressful, not in a bad way, but I just always seem to be busy doing something. Work, work , work, whether school work or other, it just seems never ending, and then there is the boys. Finally back to routine, which is so much easier than the holidays, back to school and nursery.... and yes, Worm is still making himself sick when he gets there, and still doesn't sleep well at night. One day it WILL improve!

I am exhausted, tired and emotional.

I have no time for me.

This week in my four hours of freedom, I cleaned my lounge. Something that has needed to be done in a long time. There have been occasions, one in particular when Beanie has been brought back from a birthday party by a friend and I felt so embarrassed by the state of my house I didn't invited them in. On Tuesday I cleaned for three hours. Wiped, polished, vacuumed, wiped a bit more. The only thing I didn't do in there was move the sofas to get the toys out from underneath, purely because I need moors-daddy to help with that! It's clean and relatively tidy, but I could feel it bubbling......wanting to carry on, wanting to clean everywhere. I know that is not possible (time/children) but today I have started our en-suite. I have bleached the shower, scrubbed the tiles, cleaned the surfaces but it isn't perfect and that annoys me. Even as I sit here, with Monkey awake from a dream on the sofa in the lounge, with lessons tomorrow still to plan, I want to clean......

I feel it is getting worse.



  1. Don't burn yourself out Mrs! Take a moment or two for yourself, grab a cuppa and write a post or two. You'll feel better for it and less stressed out! xx

  2. Thanks darling. I know, I know, I will get around to it but......
    Cleaning may take priority!!