Friday, 20 April 2012

A Special Day!

A random picture, but what is it?
Look closely, it is not what it seems.

I should have written this last Thursday, for last Thursday was a special day.
A very special day, but one that is not really celebrated in the moors household.
This picture kind of sums up moors-daddy's sense of humour (and boy does he make me laugh!)

Yes, okay so it's a nail, but it's not just any nail
Oh no, it's a copper nail.
and why is that so important, how does that link to a special day.

Well moors-daddy and I met 17 years ago this coming September.
I had just turned 18.
We have been together ever since.
But last Thursday was our special day.
Our wedding anniversary
We had the longest engagement ever but finally got married.
And the nail, well I was impressed when he gave it to me, purely for the fact that he knew that nine years of marriage was celebrated in the UK with copper.
So it is a special nail.
Actually it had been in his pocket since he mended the tiles on the roof but.....!
It's the thought that counts!
We didn't celebrate it in any way, no presents (other than the nail!) and no cards. No posh restaurants, no anything.
Last year we went to Paris, and apparently moors-daddy is already planning next year, our tenth anniversary, so we will wait and see!

If you want to know what anniversary gifts are specified for each year check this out!

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