Tuesday, 3 April 2012

"What is that?"

Just a quick one today, but something that made me chuckle away to myself.

This afternoon, Beanie, my mum and I walked the dogs on the moors. My mum is dog sitting my brothers and the two of them get along fine.
We had walked up towards the brow of the hill when Beanie spotted a horse standing in front  of us.

Beanie : "Why does that horse have five legs?"
Me: "That's not a leg!"
Beanie: "What is it then?"
Me: "What do you think it is?"
Beanie: "I don't know."
Me: "That's his willy."
Beanie: "But that's huge!"....."It nearly touches the floor!"
Me: "Yep".
Beanie: "But why is it so big?"
Me: "It just is!"

We carried on walking, with Beanie glancing back to look at the horse!

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  1. That made me chuckle so much I had to read it out to Mr Boo