Sunday, 27 May 2012

Pinterest Party 15!


What a beautiful sunny week we have had, at last!
We haven't got to the beach yet, we are stuck at home due to birthday parties!
But we will be going soon especially if this weather continues.
I was born at the beach (very nearly literally!!) and have always spent a lot of my time there.
I could not live without being near the sea.
One of my dreams is to live within sight of it, but I doubt this will ever happen!
So this weeks theme......

What you do....
  1. Log in or set up an account on Pinterest.
  2. Then in the search bar type in the topic/theme for this week.
  3. This weeks theme is THE BEACH.
  4. Browse through the pictures until you find ONE picture that you like the most.
  5. PIN IT onto your board (Pinterest Party- you may have to create one)
  6. Blog about your choice of picture. Making sure you follow the RULES.(The rules have changed - pleased make sure you link up!)
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  8. Have a look at the others and comment on their blogs and follow on Pinterest!
  9. Enjoy it and come back next Sunday!
There is only one beach that I can pin this week, and this is our picture of my beach. The beach I have spent every summer on since I was born, the beach I know like the back of my hand. Every rock, every pool. My children are now experiencing this beach too and all three will become 'beach bums' as they grow up.
Whitsand Bay Freathy
Picture from Pinterest. Original Source
As for 'Westcountry Beaches' well that's another story and you will find out more soon, promise! 

Elly xx

Wednesday, 23 May 2012

I'm Coming Out.......!! (Part 1)

OK, so not like that!,
maybe it should be titled......Why I Blog?

It's a long story, so I will make a start at least.
It's been ten months........
Before I started, I had heard of the term blogging but had no idea what it really was and what it entailed. Then last June, I discovered a blog, I can't remember how, but one evening when the boys were in bed and moors-daddy was at work, I started browsing the internet and came across Katetakes5. I was fascinated, people wrote as a hobby, I liked that idea but had no idea about blogging at all. I knew the term but didn't recognise what was infront of me to be a 'blog'!
Amazed at what I was reading I started to discover more, and just couldn't seem to stop reading, the range of things that people wrote about, families, food, friendship, crafts, absolutely anything. I was engrossed.
I didn't decide straight away that I would start my own. It took me some time to make that decision.
Moors-daddy and I had been thinking for a while about what we could do to make some extra money, and looking at and reading other people's blogs I decided that this might be a way. So, I did some research and realised that it wasn't that hard to do, and so one night in July I signed up with Blogger and off I went....! I didn't tell anyone, not even moors-daddy to start with. I wrote under a pseudonym from day one, as I didn't want people finding out about it, my family, my friends and more importantly the children I teach!
It wasn't until about a month later, when the boys and I were all on holiday that I mentioned it to moors-daddy. He was shocked to say the least! But I could see that as I told him about it, he too could see where it could go and what it could become.
What I hadn't realised is that blogging becomes so much more. I have made 'friends', people that I don't know, but that I feel like I do, people that I talk to and tweet, that seem so close, and yet for many I know nothing about them or who they really are. And it is that, that got me thinking. Nobody knows me either, I am moors-mummy and sometimes I feel that people should know who I really am.  I also realised very quickly that blogging is addictive, and that even though my intentions were to make money, it very quickly became apparent that that wasn't going to be the case and that in fact, the more I blog, the more I do it purely for myself and my family and the fact that I just enjoy writing. (The £3.37 I have made from Google ads isn't going to make me rich!!) So I decided to be honest and tell my story of how I started blogging but also to introduce myself and to share with you my story of how my decision to blog has led to so much more!
So, my real name is Elly, I am 34 and I do live on the edge of Dartmoor, in the beautiful market town of Tavistock. I will introduce the boys and Moors-daddy in the next couple of weeks when I will continue with my blogging story!

Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Worm's Nursery Adventures

We have finally won the battle.
Worm is a changed boy!
No longer do we have tears, 
tantrums and vomiting at the thought of going to nursery. 
For the last two weeks, we haven't had even a tear!
Last week he went in with a smile on his face. 
When his key worker asked for a cuddle he walked towards her with his arms open wide, still grinning. 
His bottom lip trembled as I left, but he was fine. 
He had snack and some lunch too, which is unheard of. 
This week, we had a few tears when we dropped Monkey off, 
but by the time we got down to his classroom, he was smiling again. 
He looked concerned, that he couldn't see his key worker but went off with another member of staff to find her! 
No tears, no tantrums and no puke in sight!

I would like to think we have past that stage but next week he turns two, 
and when he goes to nursery next week, 
he will be moving up to 'Ladybirds' the group for the two year olds. 
Even though we have accomplished so much in the last two weeks, 
I have a feeling we may take quite a few steps backwards next week,
 when it all changes and we have a new key worker, 
a new room and a new routine to adjust too!

Sunday, 20 May 2012

Pinterest Party 14

Another week, another Party!


This weekend saw the annual Devon County Show,
I haven't been to it since I was a child and 
however much I would love to take the boys,
I can't imagine doing it alone on the Saturday!
I know they would love it,
seeing the animals and the tractors!
This year the Royal Cornwall Show falls in half term,
so I am hoping that moors-daddy will be able to take a night off work and that we can go
as a family on the Friday!

So what is this weeks theme, I hear you ask?

What you do....
  1. Log in or set up an account on Pinterest.
  2. Then in the search bar type in the topic/theme for this week.
  3. This weeks theme is COUNTRY LIFE.
  4. Browse through the pictures until you find ONE picture that you like the most.
  5. PIN IT onto your board (Pinterest Party- you may have to create one)
  6. Blog about your choice of picture. Making sure you follow the RULES.(The rules have changed - pleased make sure you link up!)
  7. Return here and add your PIN to the linky.
  8. Have a look at the others and comment on their blogs and follow on Pinterest!
  9. Enjoy it and come back next Sunday!
This is my picture, and you will see that I have created a new 'Country Living' board too!

Dairy cows - The Fall
Picture from Pinterest. Original Source

I just love it. 
Now it's your turn, 
remember you can just link direct to your board
 if you don't want to blog about it!
Find it, Pin it, Share it!

Saturday, 19 May 2012

Saturday is Caption Day!

Another Saturday, another Caption Day!
Just add your caption below and then 
pop over to Mammasaurus to check out the others!

Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Country Kids with Coombemill.

Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall

I am going to link up with Fiona over at Coombe Mill for Country Kids again this week. I know I should do this more, but I just never seem to get out as much as I would like with the boys!
This weekend however was a bit different. For a start we has sunshine, yes the big yellow thing in the sky decided to show it's face and smile on us all weekend. So what excuse did I really have?
My brother and sister in law, had invited me and the boys to go with them to Port Eliot in St Germans, SE Cornwall, to their annual family dog show. I thought the boys would like it, but didn't really know a lot about it, other than, my brother and family and their dog had been before.
Obsessed by the flags!

They said I should bring Stanley, but knowing what our lab is like and that there would be hundreds of dogs there, I decided against taking him. I could imagine the embarrassment as he tried to hump every single dog there, whilst I tried to wrestle him away, whilst steering a double buggy! No the dog had to stay at home. I am glad I did as it was so hot, he would have just wanted to lay out and sleep all day anyway!

So , we packed our bag on Saturday morning, and a picnic for lunch and myself and the little two set off. (Beanie spent the weekend at Granny and Grandad's and moors-daddy was working!) We picked my mum up on route, and got to Port Eliot about midday. The weather was beautiful, it was buzzing with people and dogs of all shapes and sizes. The Port Eliot estate, is a beautiful old manor house with acres of gardens, including a riverside walk. You can enter the house at certain times of the year, but all the activities on Saturday were out in the gardens.
There was a show ring, an agility course to try, stalls and
other activities for the dogs to have a go at.

Think it was meant to be for the dogs!

The boys loved it. They were allowed out of the buggy to explore. Monkey went off with his cousin, and ran up and down the steep bank. They took their dog into the show ring. Monkey loved running around it with his auntie.
We had a lovely picnic sat out in the sun. My brother's dog entered the fastest dog competition, small dogs under 20 inches, the potato and soon, and the young handler. They were unsuccessful in winning but they had a great time.
We also walked the dog (and the boys!) down by the river. It was a very pretty walk, the bluebells were out and the wild garlic! Worm slept for ages in the buggy but Monkey walked all the way. In fact he was on the go all day!

I am really glad that I went and that the boys had a good time. I couldn't have gone on my own, as Worm seems to have no fear and kept wandering off on his own. Mum and I were constantly dragging him back - screaming because he wanted to go and see all the dogs!
We got home just after 5pm, with both boys asleep in the car!

We have had fairies in our house......!

It has now been just over a week since we had a visit from a fairy!
Since birth Monkey has been attached to his dummy.
At birth he rooted for his thumb.
But knowing that you can't get rid of a thumb, we opted for a dummy.
Beanie had given his up with no trouble at all.
So we decided to go the same route with Monkey.
He sucked his dummy constantly when he was little but in the last few months,
he had not touched it during the day unless he was having a nap.

Last weekend he went to my parents house with Beanie.
They spent one night at the 'Big House' before going to the 'Beach House' .
When they got there they realised the dummy had been left behind.
image from

Time for the Dummy Fairy.......
My mum told him that the dummy fairy would come and
take it and that he would have to try and go to sleep without it.
He was so tired after a day on the beach that it didn't bother him.
he rolled over, put his thumb in his mouth and was asleep within minutes!

When he came home that night, i think he expected us to have another dummy.
We had thrown them out as they split and hadn't replaced them,
so he was on his last one!
We had tears,
"I love my dummy"
"I miss my dummy"
"I am so sad"
But again, another night without it, another night with his thumb in......

It has now been ten days without the dummy.
Ten days, with a thumb!
Part of me is upset that he has moved from one to the other,
but I know deep down that actually he would have sucked his thumb if he hadn't had a dummy.
The fairy did leave him a present.
A Fireman Sam fire station, with an Elvis figure,
that had been hidden in our cupboard for over a year!
He still has his Taggies and his cuddly monkey, and he knows these will never go as
Beanie still has his Muslin and teddy,
and Worm .....
well he sucks this thumb!

Sunday, 13 May 2012

Silent Sunday!

inspired by
Silent Sunday

Pinterest Party 13.

Another week has gone by already. 
A lot has happened and at last the sun has come out to shine on us for the weekend.

What you do....
  1. Log in or set up an account on Pinterest.
  2. Then in the search bar type in the topic/theme for this week.
  3. This weeks theme is BUBBLES.
  4. Browse through the pictures until you find ONE picture that you like the most.
  5. PIN IT onto your board (Pinterest Party- you may have to create one)
  6. Blog about your choice of picture. Making sure you follow the RULES.(The rules have changed - pleased make sure you link up!)
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  9. Enjoy it and come back next Sunday!
So here is my picture, the concentation in the boys face!! 
All my boys love playing with bubbles, it just gives them endless hours of fun. 
I also love the spectrum of colour that the light causes as it goes through the bubble. 
Such little things.......!
Picture from Pinterest. Original Source.

So now it's your turn, if you haven't joined in before then please do!
Find it, Pin it, Share it!

Monday, 7 May 2012

Nintendo Customer Services

We bought our Wii about five years ago. We knew Beanie would love it, especially the tennis and other games on Wii Sports and he did. As he has grown he has progressed and is now a big Lego games fan, Star Wars, Indiana Jones, Batman, Harry Potter, he has them all. We were the first in our family to get one, but everyone got them within six months of each other. We limited Beanie's time on it. He isn't allowed on it during the week, but at weekends he is downstairs at 7am before the other two cause havoc and get in the way of the sensor!

About 18 months ago, they started going wrong. All had exactly the same problem. "Read disc error". First my aunt and uncle's. It was sent to Nintendo and repaired free of charge. Then my cousins, again sent to Nintendo, but billed for £68 which they fought and won, so again repaired for nothing and then ours. We however did nothing. It has sat in our tv unit for just over 12 months, Beanie didn't miss it a great deal, he has other games on the PC which he was happy playing and moors-daddy's XBox came downstairs and he has two of his Lego games on that so he wasn't that bothered.

It has only really been in the last couple of months that Monkey has started asking to play that we have thought about getting it fixed. I started nagging moors-daddy and the week before last he sorted it out.  He went onto the Nintendo website and contacted customer services. Detailed the problem and printed out the pre-paid postage label. I boxed it up in an old shoe box and it was posted on the Thursday morning. We had an email stating it had arrived on the Saturday and on the following Tuesday had another message saying it had been despatched. I arrived home from work on the Wednesday to find two boys happily playing Lego Star Wars on it.

I really cannot fault their customer service. It was so quick and effortless on our behalf that we should have done it sooner. Even though they haven't really missed it, it is nice to see them plating on it together. Yes, they argue but Monkey is still young and learning and no doubt will soon be better than Beanie! And the best bit - no bill and an extra 12 months warranty! Nintendo - you are great!

Sunday, 6 May 2012

Pinterest Party 12

Another week has flown by.....
So it must be Party time again!

What you do....
  1. Log in or set up an account on Pinterest.
  2. Then in the search bar type in the topic/theme for this week.
  3. This weeks theme is FLOWERS.
  4. Browse through the pictures until you find ONE picture that you like the most.
  5. PIN IT onto your board (Pinterest Party- you may have to create one)
  6. Blog about your choice of picture. Making sure you follow the RULES.(The rules have changed - pleased make sure you link up!)
  7. Return here and add your PIN to the linky.
  8. Have a look at the others and comment on their blogs and follow on Pinterest!
  9. Enjoy it and come back next Sunday!
There are hundreds of beautiful pictures on Pinterest of flowers, some real some not so and it is these love. I first saw these machine embroidered flowers on Kirstie Allsopp's TV programme and thought they looked amazing and would love to have a go but first I need a sewing machine!
So my picture is...
Picture from Pinterest. Original Source
So find it, pin it and share it! Enjoy and see you in another week!

Saturday, 5 May 2012

Saturday is Caption Day!

Another Saturday!
just add your caption to the picture below
and the go on over to Mammasaurus
to check out the others!

Wednesday, 2 May 2012

"Clunk Click - Every Trip!"

How many of you remember this slogan, it was from a series of public information films, sponsored by the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA), commencing in January 1971 and starring Jimmy Savile?

No, I don't, in 1971 I wasn't born, I don't recall the films at all but the slogan, yes, I remember that. It was used by the RoSPA until 1993. What scares me when I look at the information for this, is that the UK only made it law for rear seated passengers to 'belt up' in 1991. (It became mandatory for children in 1989). 1991 -That was the year after one of my best friends was killed in a car accident, aged 13, she wasn't wearing hers, -she was breaking the law! To think about it now, frustrates me, annoys me and upsets me. Would she have survived if she had "Clunk Clicked"?
I know I can't dwell on the past, what happened, happened and the law changed to protect people like my friend, in the hope that it wouldn't happen again.....

So why now, as I write this, are there still parents out there who regularly put their children at risk.

The law now is black and white in certain areas. Children should be on a proper child seat until they are aged 11 or 135cm tall, which ever comes first. Beanie (8) has just reached that height but I have no intention of letting him sit in the car without a car seat. Why? Because it has been proved that children are safer on a booster seat and if he is safer, then he will sit on one. Simple!
The RoSPA state that.... 
"Seat belts are designed for people 150 cms (about 5ft) and taller. Don't let your child graduate to using the seat belt on its own too soon. Children are usually big enough to use the seat belt on its own by the time they are about 11 years old, although this varies from child to child."

If they say that children should only be using seatbelts on their own at 150cm or 11 years why does UK law state 135cm? Surely, that means that there are numerous children being transported in cars without booster seats, that are too small to be doing this. Why doesn't the law state 11 years old and 150cm, if they are short they have to stay in the booster until they reach the height. Surely we would all want what is safest for our children and not let them determine when they go unaided in the car! I know many children that use the car without the booster seat, the seat belt sits too high on their necks but because they are 135cm they are allowed to do it. Beanie won't be!

Another thing that really annoys me, and I see this regularly, when I am on gate duty at my school. The number of parents that allow their children to sit in the front of the car. Most modern cars are fitted with air bags, some, and I mean a few makes have the ability to turn the front passenger air bag off, - fine, but a lot of makes of car in this country do not have that facility. Yet people still allow their children to sit up front.

Again advice states that...

All children are safest in the rear of a vehicle, regardless of their age or size. It is recommended that children 12 and under should never sit in the front seat of a vehicle which is equipped with a passenger air bag.

An air bag that goes off could easily suffocate/fatally injure a child, whether they are in a car seat or not. We all know that you should never put a rear facing car seat in the front seat if there is an air bag fitted but it seems that as soon as children start sitting forward facing, they become old and big enough to sit up front. My children have never sat in the front seat of our cars, because they have air bags. I would never risk their lives even on a short journey, my boys are just too precious, and I struggle to understand how any parent would allow that risk. And yet people do, every day. I do wish the UK followed suite of other European countries, like France, where it is illegal for any child aged under 10 to sit in the front seat. Yes there are a few exceptions but in general no child under 10 should be sat in the front of a car. I see this as being beneficial, at least it would stop any arguments about who's turn it is and whether they can or not. Quite simply - "no you can't, it's illegal".
So I know I am ever so OTT about this and it would be interesting to see what others think. Do you let your children sit in the front of your car? Does it have an airbag?

Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Review - Sudocrem Sunscreen Mousse


I was recently sent a canister of the new Sudocrem Sunscreen Mousse (Factor 50) from the people at Sudocrem and  Blog-Match to review.

It arrived just as the sun went in and the rain began to fall!

I love Sudocrem and always carry some on me. In my handbag I have the little tubs that I got free in my Bounty bag when I was in hospital, I regularly refill them from a bigger container. We use Sudocrem for a variety of things in our house, nappy rash, eczema, sunburn and as a moisturiser, and as I love Sudocrem so much I knew I would love the mousse too.
The Sunscreen mousse comes in a 150ml canister, a perfect size for handbags and changing bags.

The Sudocrem team state that this mousse is...

A revolutionary factor 50 sun protection mousse for babies & children

  • Using Proderm Technology®, designed for young children and babies
  • Hypoallergenic, paraben/preservative/perfume/additive free
  • Four-star UVA protection
  • Easy and quick to apply, even to impatient little ones
  • Leaves skin feeling soft and smooth
  • More effective than many existing cosmetic sunscreens
  • Absorbed into the skin to give long-lasting protection from UVA and UVB radiation
  • Broad spectrum UVA and UVB protection
  • Also protects against irritation from salt, chlorine, sand and wind burn
  • Rapidly absorbed and does not leave a greasy residue on the skin
  • More resistant to water and towel-drying than conventional sunscreens
  • Does not block the pores of the skin, allowing it to breath naturally
The mousse itself is slightly thicker than I was expecting, but this is a good thing as it makes it easy to apply, as it doesn't run like conventional creams/lotions do. It doesn't have the normal Sudocrem smell to it either, it smells like sun lotion, a smell I love! It is easy to squirt the mousse out and the mousse is easy for young children to self apply, which is a real bonus as at both school and nursery the children are expected to do this themselves. The mousse itself, is not sticky and does not leave any residue as many lotions do. It is also water resistant, so would be perfect for those of us with water babies. (Maybe I should have tested it in the rain after all!)
I like the fact that it also a high sun factor (50) as we always use at least a factor 30 but this would offer a bit more protection for when (if) the sun does start to shine.
It retails at £15 at Boots but is currently on offer for £10 and was sent to me free of charge to review from the Sudocrem team.