Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Country Kids with Coombemill.

Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall

I am going to link up with Fiona over at Coombe Mill for Country Kids again this week. I know I should do this more, but I just never seem to get out as much as I would like with the boys!
This weekend however was a bit different. For a start we has sunshine, yes the big yellow thing in the sky decided to show it's face and smile on us all weekend. So what excuse did I really have?
My brother and sister in law, had invited me and the boys to go with them to Port Eliot in St Germans, SE Cornwall, to their annual family dog show. I thought the boys would like it, but didn't really know a lot about it, other than, my brother and family and their dog had been before.
Obsessed by the flags!

They said I should bring Stanley, but knowing what our lab is like and that there would be hundreds of dogs there, I decided against taking him. I could imagine the embarrassment as he tried to hump every single dog there, whilst I tried to wrestle him away, whilst steering a double buggy! No the dog had to stay at home. I am glad I did as it was so hot, he would have just wanted to lay out and sleep all day anyway!

So , we packed our bag on Saturday morning, and a picnic for lunch and myself and the little two set off. (Beanie spent the weekend at Granny and Grandad's and moors-daddy was working!) We picked my mum up on route, and got to Port Eliot about midday. The weather was beautiful, it was buzzing with people and dogs of all shapes and sizes. The Port Eliot estate, is a beautiful old manor house with acres of gardens, including a riverside walk. You can enter the house at certain times of the year, but all the activities on Saturday were out in the gardens.
There was a show ring, an agility course to try, stalls and
other activities for the dogs to have a go at.

Think it was meant to be for the dogs!

The boys loved it. They were allowed out of the buggy to explore. Monkey went off with his cousin, and ran up and down the steep bank. They took their dog into the show ring. Monkey loved running around it with his auntie.
We had a lovely picnic sat out in the sun. My brother's dog entered the fastest dog competition, small dogs under 20 inches, the potato and soon, and the young handler. They were unsuccessful in winning but they had a great time.
We also walked the dog (and the boys!) down by the river. It was a very pretty walk, the bluebells were out and the wild garlic! Worm slept for ages in the buggy but Monkey walked all the way. In fact he was on the go all day!

I am really glad that I went and that the boys had a good time. I couldn't have gone on my own, as Worm seems to have no fear and kept wandering off on his own. Mum and I were constantly dragging him back - screaming because he wanted to go and see all the dogs!
We got home just after 5pm, with both boys asleep in the car!


  1. Looks like a great day across the great Tamar bridge into Cornwall. I love the photo of worm in the bluebells. I think there was lots of festival action around last weekend. We were at Lostwithiel doing much the same. In fact I expect it will be my Sat post for the new Country Kids linky! Thank you for posting, I know you have had a busy week x

  2. This looks like such a wonderful day out!