Wednesday, 23 May 2012

I'm Coming Out.......!! (Part 1)

OK, so not like that!,
maybe it should be titled......Why I Blog?

It's a long story, so I will make a start at least.
It's been ten months........
Before I started, I had heard of the term blogging but had no idea what it really was and what it entailed. Then last June, I discovered a blog, I can't remember how, but one evening when the boys were in bed and moors-daddy was at work, I started browsing the internet and came across Katetakes5. I was fascinated, people wrote as a hobby, I liked that idea but had no idea about blogging at all. I knew the term but didn't recognise what was infront of me to be a 'blog'!
Amazed at what I was reading I started to discover more, and just couldn't seem to stop reading, the range of things that people wrote about, families, food, friendship, crafts, absolutely anything. I was engrossed.
I didn't decide straight away that I would start my own. It took me some time to make that decision.
Moors-daddy and I had been thinking for a while about what we could do to make some extra money, and looking at and reading other people's blogs I decided that this might be a way. So, I did some research and realised that it wasn't that hard to do, and so one night in July I signed up with Blogger and off I went....! I didn't tell anyone, not even moors-daddy to start with. I wrote under a pseudonym from day one, as I didn't want people finding out about it, my family, my friends and more importantly the children I teach!
It wasn't until about a month later, when the boys and I were all on holiday that I mentioned it to moors-daddy. He was shocked to say the least! But I could see that as I told him about it, he too could see where it could go and what it could become.
What I hadn't realised is that blogging becomes so much more. I have made 'friends', people that I don't know, but that I feel like I do, people that I talk to and tweet, that seem so close, and yet for many I know nothing about them or who they really are. And it is that, that got me thinking. Nobody knows me either, I am moors-mummy and sometimes I feel that people should know who I really am.  I also realised very quickly that blogging is addictive, and that even though my intentions were to make money, it very quickly became apparent that that wasn't going to be the case and that in fact, the more I blog, the more I do it purely for myself and my family and the fact that I just enjoy writing. (The £3.37 I have made from Google ads isn't going to make me rich!!) So I decided to be honest and tell my story of how I started blogging but also to introduce myself and to share with you my story of how my decision to blog has led to so much more!
So, my real name is Elly, I am 34 and I do live on the edge of Dartmoor, in the beautiful market town of Tavistock. I will introduce the boys and Moors-daddy in the next couple of weeks when I will continue with my blogging story!

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  1. Hi Elly, well done on 'coming out'! It's nice to find out a bit more about you. I'm looking forward to reading your upcoming posts about you and your family xx