Monday, 7 May 2012

Nintendo Customer Services

We bought our Wii about five years ago. We knew Beanie would love it, especially the tennis and other games on Wii Sports and he did. As he has grown he has progressed and is now a big Lego games fan, Star Wars, Indiana Jones, Batman, Harry Potter, he has them all. We were the first in our family to get one, but everyone got them within six months of each other. We limited Beanie's time on it. He isn't allowed on it during the week, but at weekends he is downstairs at 7am before the other two cause havoc and get in the way of the sensor!

About 18 months ago, they started going wrong. All had exactly the same problem. "Read disc error". First my aunt and uncle's. It was sent to Nintendo and repaired free of charge. Then my cousins, again sent to Nintendo, but billed for £68 which they fought and won, so again repaired for nothing and then ours. We however did nothing. It has sat in our tv unit for just over 12 months, Beanie didn't miss it a great deal, he has other games on the PC which he was happy playing and moors-daddy's XBox came downstairs and he has two of his Lego games on that so he wasn't that bothered.

It has only really been in the last couple of months that Monkey has started asking to play that we have thought about getting it fixed. I started nagging moors-daddy and the week before last he sorted it out.  He went onto the Nintendo website and contacted customer services. Detailed the problem and printed out the pre-paid postage label. I boxed it up in an old shoe box and it was posted on the Thursday morning. We had an email stating it had arrived on the Saturday and on the following Tuesday had another message saying it had been despatched. I arrived home from work on the Wednesday to find two boys happily playing Lego Star Wars on it.

I really cannot fault their customer service. It was so quick and effortless on our behalf that we should have done it sooner. Even though they haven't really missed it, it is nice to see them plating on it together. Yes, they argue but Monkey is still young and learning and no doubt will soon be better than Beanie! And the best bit - no bill and an extra 12 months warranty! Nintendo - you are great!

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