Tuesday, 15 May 2012

We have had fairies in our house......!

It has now been just over a week since we had a visit from a fairy!
Since birth Monkey has been attached to his dummy.
At birth he rooted for his thumb.
But knowing that you can't get rid of a thumb, we opted for a dummy.
Beanie had given his up with no trouble at all.
So we decided to go the same route with Monkey.
He sucked his dummy constantly when he was little but in the last few months,
he had not touched it during the day unless he was having a nap.

Last weekend he went to my parents house with Beanie.
They spent one night at the 'Big House' before going to the 'Beach House' .
When they got there they realised the dummy had been left behind.
image from www.thedummyfairyworkshop.com

Time for the Dummy Fairy.......
My mum told him that the dummy fairy would come and
take it and that he would have to try and go to sleep without it.
He was so tired after a day on the beach that it didn't bother him.
he rolled over, put his thumb in his mouth and was asleep within minutes!

When he came home that night, i think he expected us to have another dummy.
We had thrown them out as they split and hadn't replaced them,
so he was on his last one!
We had tears,
"I love my dummy"
"I miss my dummy"
"I am so sad"
But again, another night without it, another night with his thumb in......

It has now been ten days without the dummy.
Ten days, with a thumb!
Part of me is upset that he has moved from one to the other,
but I know deep down that actually he would have sucked his thumb if he hadn't had a dummy.
The fairy did leave him a present.
A Fireman Sam fire station, with an Elvis figure,
that had been hidden in our cupboard for over a year!
He still has his Taggies and his cuddly monkey, and he knows these will never go as
Beanie still has his Muslin and teddy,
and Worm .....
well he sucks this thumb!


  1. Well done, sounds like you've managed the transition really well! One of the reasons I was scared to use a dummy was because I was worried that I would then be up all night replacing the dummy (turns out I was up all night anyway!).

  2. Hi,
    Thank you for crediting my image from The Dummy Fairy Workshop. I appreciate it.

    Kind regards,
    Alison Sarah