Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Worm's Nursery Adventures

We have finally won the battle.
Worm is a changed boy!
No longer do we have tears, 
tantrums and vomiting at the thought of going to nursery. 
For the last two weeks, we haven't had even a tear!
Last week he went in with a smile on his face. 
When his key worker asked for a cuddle he walked towards her with his arms open wide, still grinning. 
His bottom lip trembled as I left, but he was fine. 
He had snack and some lunch too, which is unheard of. 
This week, we had a few tears when we dropped Monkey off, 
but by the time we got down to his classroom, he was smiling again. 
He looked concerned, that he couldn't see his key worker but went off with another member of staff to find her! 
No tears, no tantrums and no puke in sight!

I would like to think we have past that stage but next week he turns two, 
and when he goes to nursery next week, 
he will be moving up to 'Ladybirds' the group for the two year olds. 
Even though we have accomplished so much in the last two weeks, 
I have a feeling we may take quite a few steps backwards next week,
 when it all changes and we have a new key worker, 
a new room and a new routine to adjust too!

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  1. Ah glad Worm is getting used to nursery,really hope he likes the new room too x