Saturday, 2 June 2012

My Baby is no more......

So I have got a bit behind with the blog this week.

I just haven't had time to write.

I know I have promised you the next instalment of me coming out and why I started blogging and it will get to you soon, I promise!

But something happened this week.

Worm turned 2!

My baby is no longer.....a baby.

He has grown so much in the last few months.
He has finally found his feet and in those few short months, has become more and more stable on them.
He can now master the slide, the playhouse and the stairs all on his own (though mummy is never far away just in case!)
He has started saying more and more recognisable words, and is learning new words all the time.
He has settled at nursery. This week his move up to 'Ladybirds' went without a tear (or vomit!!!!!) He just looked so grown, happy to be there with the bigger children. He even ate his lunch!
He is becoming much more independent.
I am losing my baby.

Today, we made the decision to throw away the bottles.
It has taken him a while to get used to a sippy cup, but since his trip to A+E the other week, he hasn't had a single bottle. He is using the same brand of cup that Monkey uses.
Throwing them away melts my heart. Knowing that is it, there will be no more.
Even though I know that is it, however much I long for my sleep again, there is something about a tiny child, that makes me day! (At least I can dream!)

Elly xx

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  1. They grow so quick, it's scary. I want my youngest to stay a baby forever x