Sunday, 3 June 2012

Pinterest Party 16


Okay so another week has passed, and I have not blogged at all.
I really must get my backside in gear and get on with it.
This week is half term so I am hoping to get writing but there is also a lot of other stuff going on.
Tomorrow we have our street party to celebrate the Queen's Jubilee,
Join the 2012 Jubilee celebrations with The Big Lunch
it will be a chance for our cul-de-sac to get together and for the boys to play.
I just hope the rain holds off or we could be .....
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What you do....
  1. Log in or set up an account on Pinterest.
  2. Then in the search bar type in the topic/theme for this week.
  3. This weeks theme is JUBILEE CELEBRATIONS.
  4. Browse through the pictures until you find ONE picture that you like the most.
  5. PIN IT onto your board (Pinterest Party- you may have to create one)
  6. Blog about your choice of picture. Making sure you follow the RULES.(The rules have changed - pleased make sure you link up!)
  7. Return here and add your PIN to the linky.
  8. Have a look at the others and comment on their blogs and follow on Pinterest!
  9. Enjoy it and come back next Sunday!
As with many things I think you either love or hate the Jubilee celebrations. A neighbour today asked moors-daddy when we were putting our bunting up, her face in shock when he told her we didn't have any! I am not really looking forward to the celebrations, but will go for the sake of the boys, and no doubt will blog about it at a later date!

So my picture this week, you will either love or hate.....

Diamond Jubilee Marmite
Pinterest. Original Source

Whatever you are doing to celebrate... Enjoy it!
and remember to pin!!