Friday, 20 July 2012

50 things to do before you're 11 3/4.

You must have heard of this by now. Earlier in the year the National Trust released an article that stated 50 things a child should have done before they are 11 and 3/4.
When I first saw the list I was a little shocked that some very simple activities are on it, but then I remember some of the kids I teach have never left Cornwall and so there must be children out there who do not get to experience what I would consider basic childhood activities.
I have looked at the list many times now and I know that there are some on there that I can already tick off for Beanie but also a lot that he hasn't done.
I have registered him onto the website, where he can tick off the activities that he has done and we can see what is on in the local National Trust properties over the summer. Some have specific '50 things to do' activities put on for the children, other just list what activities can be done at which property. He can apparently earn badges....but I will need to look into that a bit more.
So my plan....
Now that I know I can take all three out for the day on my own I am planning to tick off the majority of those '50 things' over the summer holiday. I will blog about them/ photograph them and at the end of the summer will add a link so you can join in. Let's see how many of them we can accomplish. Some we will not be able to do, i.e. throwing some snow, though with this weather who knows what will happen!
How many of the things on the list have you done?

So keep your eyes open and watch out for our first accomplishment!

Wednesday, 18 July 2012

The Baker Boys - Apple and Cinnamon Cake

It has to be said that this is one of moors-daddy's favourites and so because we hadn't really thought much about Father's Day back in June and also because he was on early that day we decided we would make it for him.
It's my kind of recipe. 
Chuck it all in and mix it up and cook it!
So to start with measure out 8oz of self raising flour

4oz of butter.

4oz of castor sugar

2 eggs and a splash of milk, if required.

2 large cooking apples, skinned and cored.

and then put it all in the mixer and mix it up.

add 1 teaspoon of cinnamon,

and mix it altogether again.
Grease a take tin.

and cook at 150 degrees C for 80 minutes 
or until the knife comes out clean from the middle of the cake.

Unfortunately I forgot to take a picture of it at the end, but it was wrapped in tin foil and left out for moors-daddy with his Fathers Day cards from the boys. He took it to work and it was never seen again. I know it didn't last the day!

Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Country Kids - Muddy Puddles.

Rain, Rain go away.....
Surely by now we have had enough.
There is one great thing about living where we do.
The moors.
And no matter what the weather, we have to go up there with the dog.
So come sun, wind, rain or snow we are there.
And the boys love it.
They love getting wrapped up and putting on their wellies and waterproofs.
and we go jumping in muddy puddles.
Worm has to wear his all in ones - he is attracted to puddles and heads straight for them.

They run through them.

Just stand in them.

Splash in them.

Throw stones in them and generally get very wet and muddy!

We love muddy puddles!


Safety On Dartmoor Day.

On June 26th, I did something I have wanted to do for a long time.
Something that required planning and preparation to the extremes of OCD.
But I was determined to accomplish it ..... alone.
I took all three boys out for the day on my own.
The weather wasn't great, but we had heard through moors-daddy that nearby at Lydford Gorge (National Trust) they were holding the first "Safety on Dartmoor Day".
All the emergency services would be there, ambulance, police, fire brigade and Dartmoor Rescue.
I knew we had to go.
We have not been to Lydford Gorge with the boys before, so it would be new to them.
I had to take moors-daddy's car as mine had died and was in the garage. 
easier said than done.
Three children squeezed into the back. Beanie not on a booster (not ideal) but we had no other choice if we were going.
Double buggy wedged in the boot!
When we first arrived the buggy remained in the boot and the boys and I went for a walk. We didn't go far, as the gorge walk is steep and slippery and as usual these days the rain was falling. It is not the best place to take an unsteady toddler, but it was dark and the old railway line was flat. We managed to walk to the bird hide and back, by which time Worm had had enough.
We looked briefly at the police car and Dartmoor Rescue van before getting into the car and heading around to the main area, a couple of miles down the road.
Here there were lots of different emergency vehicles that you could climb on and explore.
My boys were initially shy and wouldn't talk to anyone or go near the vehicles. But after time they plucked up the courage.
Monkey, especially is obsessed by fire engines, and was just so thrilled to be up so close to them.
We wandered around for a while before finding a spot out of the rain, to eat our picnic.
We ate our lunch and then went to find the play park.
It was a lovely play park, not that big, so I could keep an eye on all three and they spent ages there.
Creating their own games, chasing each other around.
All three went down the slide, Worm first because he had his all in one waterproofs on, closely followed by the other two, each getting themselves soaked. 
They continued to play in the park, running around a small maze made from wooden stumps.
Sitting down together in their own world of imaginative play.

Worm followed the bigger two everywhere, quiet in his thoughts, so serious.
Every now and then the sirens of a nearby vehicle would be switched on, making him jump. (They were so loud) but he didn't care.

After playing for over an hour, we headed back to the vehicles. Beanie had more confidence this time and starting exploring the vehicles. He got in the ambulance and had his heart rate and blood pressure measured. He climbed in the fire engine.

 Monkey still wouldn't venture inside.

But was more than happy having his photo taken in front of the fire engine!

We were there for just over four hours. I had managed a day out with them all on my own and now know that I am more than capable of doing it. They were all fantastically well behaved and all were shattered by the end of it.
Knowing I can do it has meant that I am now planning more things to do over the summer, whilst moors-daddy is at work and I am alone with them.
And part of me can't wait!
(The only trouble I had was getting the double buggy back in the boot - but my car is mended so that won't be a problem again!!)

Saturday, 14 July 2012

Saturday is Caption Day!

You know what to do ..... and I apologise for the blurriness!

And when you have finished pop over to Mammasaurus to check out the others.

Friday, 13 July 2012

I'm Coming Out... (Part 2)

our summer holiday last year, I told moors-daddy about the blog. I could see the cogs turning. We had been trying to think of ways to make some extra money and maybe this could be the answer. Not necessarily the blog but the internet. Wasn't that the way everything was going?
We talked about it but nothing really jumped at us, neither of us particularly creative!

Then about a fortnight later it was my brother in laws 40th birthday. He didn't want a big celebration so asked moors-daddy if he would go around for the weekend and celebrate with some beer and some DVD's. I allowed moors-daddy to go, it is his brother after all!

By the end of that weekend, things had started to fall into place. They had drunk a lot of beer, come up with a few ideas, bought a few domain names and gotten started.
By the end of that weekend our first website was in the making.
A website close to our hearts. Having taken the boys camping in France twice now and loving it immensely, our first website Go Camp France was easy to think up.  Moors-daddy and his brother set to work, every minute moors-daddy wasn't working he was on the computer.
Over the next couple of months, moors-daddy and his brother worked non-stop. By the end of the year it was fully up and running and we were working on the website's accompanying App. We became a limited company at the beginning of 2012, and had more ideas that needed to be worked on.
Our next venture was Westcountry Beaches, an app to find over 190 beaches in Devon and Cornwall. It lists all the information you could need to know about the beach and also list pubs and restaurants near to them as well. The business was off the ground. Moors-daddy and his brother work non-stop on it, my roll is primarily to keep the boys away from daddy when he is working!
It has taken its time to get going, but we are getting there slowly - none of these things happen over night!
We have many other websites now in the making ranging from holidays to insurance and moors-daddy is constantly busy on the computer - hence I don't get to blog much! I am saving  my pennies so I can buy my own! :)
So this year we are not going away again, as we need to spend more time putting in hours on the websites and moors-daddy is limited on his time off because of the Olympics! The boys and I will go to the beach house for a few days here and there I am sure!
If you go to France on holiday or visit the Westcountry then take a look at the apps and webpages, we also have Facebook pages and Twitter accounts so please follow us if you are interested in these things.
And to those of you who have reviewed our apps for us, I thank you, hugely, it means so much to us to know they are valued (by some at least!!)

Elly x

Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Blog Break

For those of you who visit regularly you will have realised that I haven't blogged in a  while.
I am having a bit of a break, time to recharge my batteries, get my head in order and sort out a few issues.
I have lost a bit of motivation and however much I want to write, I just can't seem to find the time to get onto the computer and get it done.

I have things I want to write and tell you about, but things are busy. I have spent this weekend in hospital with Monkey after his first asthma attack of the year. We were 'transported' by ambulance with blue lights and sirens after visiting our local minor injuries on Saturday. He is getting better, but I know there will be more.

I have also had a few health problems myself and am now waiting for test results. It is something that has bothered me for a while but I haven't really wanted to know what it is..... we will wait and see.

And I haven't forgotten about me 'coming out'!!  You'll just have to wait a bit longer!