Friday, 20 July 2012

50 things to do before you're 11 3/4.

You must have heard of this by now. Earlier in the year the National Trust released an article that stated 50 things a child should have done before they are 11 and 3/4.
When I first saw the list I was a little shocked that some very simple activities are on it, but then I remember some of the kids I teach have never left Cornwall and so there must be children out there who do not get to experience what I would consider basic childhood activities.
I have looked at the list many times now and I know that there are some on there that I can already tick off for Beanie but also a lot that he hasn't done.
I have registered him onto the website, where he can tick off the activities that he has done and we can see what is on in the local National Trust properties over the summer. Some have specific '50 things to do' activities put on for the children, other just list what activities can be done at which property. He can apparently earn badges....but I will need to look into that a bit more.
So my plan....
Now that I know I can take all three out for the day on my own I am planning to tick off the majority of those '50 things' over the summer holiday. I will blog about them/ photograph them and at the end of the summer will add a link so you can join in. Let's see how many of them we can accomplish. Some we will not be able to do, i.e. throwing some snow, though with this weather who knows what will happen!
How many of the things on the list have you done?

So keep your eyes open and watch out for our first accomplishment!


  1. I have a child of this age and although i've heard of it, have not actually looked at the list before, so thanks for sharing :) I think we need to tick off nos. 32, 36, 48 and 49....that's our summer planned then!

  2. This list is really helpful :) I'll pass this on to my brother who has a two-year old son, my nephew so that we could be sure that the boy has tried everything :)