Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Country Kids - Muddy Puddles.

Rain, Rain go away.....
Surely by now we have had enough.
There is one great thing about living where we do.
The moors.
And no matter what the weather, we have to go up there with the dog.
So come sun, wind, rain or snow we are there.
And the boys love it.
They love getting wrapped up and putting on their wellies and waterproofs.
and we go jumping in muddy puddles.
Worm has to wear his all in ones - he is attracted to puddles and heads straight for them.

They run through them.

Just stand in them.

Splash in them.

Throw stones in them and generally get very wet and muddy!

We love muddy puddles!



  1. Great photos, they look like they are having a wonderful time x

  2. It really is only us adults that get put off by the rain, kids are happy outdoors having fun what ever the weather! Thank you for illustrating this so well and linking up on Country Kids.