Friday, 13 July 2012

I'm Coming Out... (Part 2)

our summer holiday last year, I told moors-daddy about the blog. I could see the cogs turning. We had been trying to think of ways to make some extra money and maybe this could be the answer. Not necessarily the blog but the internet. Wasn't that the way everything was going?
We talked about it but nothing really jumped at us, neither of us particularly creative!

Then about a fortnight later it was my brother in laws 40th birthday. He didn't want a big celebration so asked moors-daddy if he would go around for the weekend and celebrate with some beer and some DVD's. I allowed moors-daddy to go, it is his brother after all!

By the end of that weekend, things had started to fall into place. They had drunk a lot of beer, come up with a few ideas, bought a few domain names and gotten started.
By the end of that weekend our first website was in the making.
A website close to our hearts. Having taken the boys camping in France twice now and loving it immensely, our first website Go Camp France was easy to think up.  Moors-daddy and his brother set to work, every minute moors-daddy wasn't working he was on the computer.
Over the next couple of months, moors-daddy and his brother worked non-stop. By the end of the year it was fully up and running and we were working on the website's accompanying App. We became a limited company at the beginning of 2012, and had more ideas that needed to be worked on.
Our next venture was Westcountry Beaches, an app to find over 190 beaches in Devon and Cornwall. It lists all the information you could need to know about the beach and also list pubs and restaurants near to them as well. The business was off the ground. Moors-daddy and his brother work non-stop on it, my roll is primarily to keep the boys away from daddy when he is working!
It has taken its time to get going, but we are getting there slowly - none of these things happen over night!
We have many other websites now in the making ranging from holidays to insurance and moors-daddy is constantly busy on the computer - hence I don't get to blog much! I am saving  my pennies so I can buy my own! :)
So this year we are not going away again, as we need to spend more time putting in hours on the websites and moors-daddy is limited on his time off because of the Olympics! The boys and I will go to the beach house for a few days here and there I am sure!
If you go to France on holiday or visit the Westcountry then take a look at the apps and webpages, we also have Facebook pages and Twitter accounts so please follow us if you are interested in these things.
And to those of you who have reviewed our apps for us, I thank you, hugely, it means so much to us to know they are valued (by some at least!!)

Elly x

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  1. I had no idea you were behind West Country Beaches! I am delighted now I chose you for this week's feature spot on my blog! It is a brilliant idea and I so hope it works for you. Will help all I can x