Saturday, 29 September 2012

Saturday is Caption Day!

Oh Hello again, this is a picture of Beanie during 
the sack race at the Beach House's Sports Day.
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Tuesday, 18 September 2012

End of the summer.

When I was a child I spent every school summer holiday at the beach house. I realise I am extremely lucky to have had that house in my life, my brother and I experienced an amount of freedom that most children these days could only dream about. From a young age (8/9) my parents left me and my older brother on our own as they went to work. We weren't entirely on our own, we had family and friends all around us and we would get ourselves up in the morning and have our cereal before heading down to my nan's beach house for a second breakfast! At lunchtime we would go to our other nan's for lunch and in between we would be out on the cliff playing with our friends and cousins. We were allowed on the beach, unlifeguarded in those days, and our only rule was, that we were only allowed in the sea if an adult was with us! We could spot an adult a mile off! It was usually my aunty or dad's cousin, and I can remember being in very rough seas jumping waves and being pulled under and out but constantly going back for more.

We were always taught to respect the sea, and I would never fight it, it always wins. But we had great times. Now I have my three I am slightly more cautious, but want them to have the same respect as well as being able to look after themselves. Beanie has had swimming lessons since he was 3, and is still going every week, is currently on stage 6 and has got his 1000m badge. He is no natural, more a sinker that a swimmer, but tries so hard and is making progress. Monkey started his first lesson on Saturday. He will probably achieve more, more quickly, and has a lot more confidence in the water than Beanie ever did. They both love the beach, both body board well, and love spending time at the beach house with their grandparents and their cousins. Beanie has spent most of the summer there. His wet suit tan lines, a tell tale sign!
This year we have done something different for the children, a first for them, but something we always used to do when we were children.

The end of summer bonfire and BBQ on the beach.

The children have been hiding wood on the beach all summer, every bit of drift wood that has been washed up in the last six weeks, has been stashed away. Hidden out of sight! All the cousins (except 1) were there. Aged from 1 - 12. We went down at 6pm, the tide out but coming in. The beach.....busy! Other people doing the same. We went over to 'our beach', and the children started bringing the wood down from the hiding place! Grandad built the bonfire, the granny's (my mum and aunt) set to work on the BBQ's (disposable). When everything was lit the children went for a swim, the sun setting in the distance. When they were cold they came out, got warm by the bonfire and ate their sausages and beefburgers with a touch of sand! Afterwards they toasted marshmallows!  They loved it, well the older ones, the little ones got tired and wanted their milk and beds. It was great and having not done it for so long, we know that it will become an annual event. You can tell we haven't done it for a while. We forgot a few essentials -  the jumpers and hot chocolate but the boys still loved it!

Elly xx

Sunday, 9 September 2012

Monkey turns 4!

I can't believe how quick this year has gone by. It really does only seem like days ago we were celebrating Monkey's 3rd birthday and yet here we were on Friday celebrating his 4th.

On becoming 4 things have changed a bit for Monkey. On his birthday he returned to nursery, but through out the holiday we have been preparing him for the fact that none of his friends will be with him any more, as they have all moved on up to 'big school'. Monkey was at first very upset. We had sent out his birthday invitations back in July, knowing that all his friends would be at school and not nursery and so would be difficult to contact. Nursery is strange, I guess because I never really do the school run, but also because of their flexibility on what time you start and finish, you never really see other parents. I was hoping that some of his friends would come to 'birthday tea', but four weeks into the holiday I had had no replies!

His first day back went well, his teachers aware of how lonely he would be, they allowed him to take his new Microscooter in with him and he got to ride it around the green room to show the other children. They sang to him and gave him a card and sweeties! He played with a "new Noah"!

In the evening, three of his friends arrived (their parents had gotten back to me eventually) and they played out in the garden in the sunshine, before having tea and cake. We had managed to find a Fireman Sam cake for him so he was very happy. He got lots of (big boy) Lego (Fire engines/stations etc of course!) that he and Beanie have very happily been playing together with, no arguments or anything.  He had a great day but as is always expected was tired and grumpy on Saturday.

He had a great day and in all the rush of me working, rushing home and getting things organised, I forgot to get the camera out and take any pictures of him (bad mother!) I'll have to get some of him on his scooter!!

Elly xx

Saturday, 8 September 2012

Saturday is Caption Day!

Oh it's been while since I joined in with this, 
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Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Our Summer (post 1)

So now that I am blogging, as I have my new laptop, I can finally catch up on what we have done over the summer holidays.
If I am honest we have seen little of Beanie, he has spent nearly all of the holiday at the beach house with my parents, spending every day on the beach, no matter what the weather, playing with his cousins and being allowed an amount of freedom that most children these days will never experience. He has returned home a few times, for a promised bike ride with myself and moors-daddy, the Okehampton Show and to do his homework (making a Roman shield), and to get his feet measured and get his hair cut ready for school.

The first week of the holiday was amazing, and believe it or not, the sun did shine here in Devon for that first week. |We thought our luck was in, and that it would be like that all summer, we were kidding ourselves....
The boys were all home for that first week. The paddling pool came out, they were outside every day and we had promised Beanie, that on the Wednesday, when the little two were at Granny and Grandads that moors-daddy and I would take him on a bike ride.  He is not confident on a bike, and has only ever done one big bike ride before, but did very well and gained confidence big time. We had told him we would cycle the old railway track from Princetown, along past Yellowmead Farm, around Foggintor Quarry (the granite from which was used to make Nelson's Column and parts of London Bridge) and around King's Tor.

We set off from the car park at the entrance to Yellowmead farm, and cycled towards the quarry. Beanie struggled. The track was very bumpy, uneven and it was such a hot day. We stopped regularly for drinks, but he tired quickly. The massive puddle caused for a bit of light-heartedness. Beanie falling off his bike and landing in it, getting his feet wet, which didn't help with the motivation to continue with the ride, and mummy being dared to ride through it (without falling off I hasten to add!) We rode around the quarry and along the railway towards Princetown. We reached the little bridge before turning around and heading back.  The worst bit for me was having to cycle past a large number of army men training by the quarry, with me wearing shorts and a strappy top, more skin on show than there has been in years - head down and carry on riding!! We returned to the car and moors-daddy headed off to Pork Hill car park on his bike whilst, Beanie and I loaded our bikes into the car. We gave moors-daddy a bit of a head start and then set off, passing him coming up the hill from Merrivale. We meet him in the car park, where we had an ice cream before heading back home.

Elly xx

Monday, 3 September 2012

It has arrived......!

So now I have no excuse.
Today I had to return to work.
A day with no children, so bearable. Lots of talking, listening and coffee, too much coffee!
But when I returned home, there was a parcel waiting for me in the hall.
Oh it's so lovely.
It's blue, it's small and it's all mine.
So blogging here I come again!

Sunday, 2 September 2012

The end of summer.....

Did it ever really happen?

Summer that is.
Did I blink and miss it.
Why do those six weeks go so fast. (Though I know there will be some of you out there who have been waiting for the end of this holiday for a long long time.....5 weeks perhaps!)
It seems like yesterday I was at work saying goodbye to those that were leaving and moving on to pastures new.
And yet here I am with that Sunday night feeling.
Back to the alarm going off at stupid o'clock. Back to the commute, Back to trying to remember who is looking after my kids and where they are! Back to rushed mornings, stressful evenings and yet even less time to myself.
Why does it fly by?
So tomorrow marks the start of the new school year.
New pupils to get to know, names to remember.

This term for me is probably my favourite.
We have two of the boys birthdays, Monkey's is on Friday and Beanie's the week before Christmas. We have Christmas plays, parties and concerts.
I love the fact that as soon as Monkey's birthday is over, we start planning Christmas, and I love Christmas. In fact I love winter, fires lit, warm and cosy whilst it's cold and dark outside. The possibility of snow (snow days!:) )

I am also going to get stuck into the second module of my masters. I started it when Worm was born, but struggled with his lack of sleep and my lack of 'work time', and even though he isn't much better I need to get on with it, or else I will never finish it.

So a lot is happening, and I am determined to get back to the blog. I have so much to write about from the summer holiday and the things we have got up to. Oh and my laptop hasn't turned up, it is supposed to be delivered tomorrow. ( I am on moors-daddy's and he is getting ready to go to work and all the boys are at my parents as they don't go back to school until the end of the week, a night to myself!)

So to the new term....... let's hope it's a good one and that all the children settle quickly back into routine etc etc. (and the teachers too!!)

Elly xx

Saturday, 1 September 2012

Getting back to it...

I've been away a while.
There have been issues.
Issues regarding when I have time to sit down and get on the computer!
To say moors-daddy hogs it is an understatement!
I know he is using it for work, working on the websites and apps but even the boys refer to it as daddy's computer.
Something had to be done.
Something drastic.
So, I have broken the Pink pot.
I have counted all my money.
And I have gone and ordered my self my own laptop.
I am excited, that I can get back to blogging, and now there will be no waiting for moors-daddy to get off the computer. I can blog as much as I want.
I am hoping it turns up tomorrow, but it should be here by Monday at the latest.
Blog here I come.
Moors-mummy is back.
(and with lots to share!)

Elly xx