Saturday, 1 September 2012

Getting back to it...

I've been away a while.
There have been issues.
Issues regarding when I have time to sit down and get on the computer!
To say moors-daddy hogs it is an understatement!
I know he is using it for work, working on the websites and apps but even the boys refer to it as daddy's computer.
Something had to be done.
Something drastic.
So, I have broken the Pink pot.
I have counted all my money.
And I have gone and ordered my self my own laptop.
I am excited, that I can get back to blogging, and now there will be no waiting for moors-daddy to get off the computer. I can blog as much as I want.
I am hoping it turns up tomorrow, but it should be here by Monday at the latest.
Blog here I come.
Moors-mummy is back.
(and with lots to share!)

Elly xx

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