Sunday, 9 September 2012

Monkey turns 4!

I can't believe how quick this year has gone by. It really does only seem like days ago we were celebrating Monkey's 3rd birthday and yet here we were on Friday celebrating his 4th.

On becoming 4 things have changed a bit for Monkey. On his birthday he returned to nursery, but through out the holiday we have been preparing him for the fact that none of his friends will be with him any more, as they have all moved on up to 'big school'. Monkey was at first very upset. We had sent out his birthday invitations back in July, knowing that all his friends would be at school and not nursery and so would be difficult to contact. Nursery is strange, I guess because I never really do the school run, but also because of their flexibility on what time you start and finish, you never really see other parents. I was hoping that some of his friends would come to 'birthday tea', but four weeks into the holiday I had had no replies!

His first day back went well, his teachers aware of how lonely he would be, they allowed him to take his new Microscooter in with him and he got to ride it around the green room to show the other children. They sang to him and gave him a card and sweeties! He played with a "new Noah"!

In the evening, three of his friends arrived (their parents had gotten back to me eventually) and they played out in the garden in the sunshine, before having tea and cake. We had managed to find a Fireman Sam cake for him so he was very happy. He got lots of (big boy) Lego (Fire engines/stations etc of course!) that he and Beanie have very happily been playing together with, no arguments or anything.  He had a great day but as is always expected was tired and grumpy on Saturday.

He had a great day and in all the rush of me working, rushing home and getting things organised, I forgot to get the camera out and take any pictures of him (bad mother!) I'll have to get some of him on his scooter!!

Elly xx


  1. Happy 4th birthday Monkey. It is crazy how quickly the time goes in!

  2. As a parent of a summer born child, I always forget how hard it must be to have one born at the beginning of the school year instead. i'm so focussed on making sure my son isn't going to be a million miles behind everybody else next year that I forget how difficult it must be for the ones who have to wait a whole extra year to go to school. bless him. Glad he had a lovely birthday in the end.

    Just found you through the Tots100 widget and stopping by to say hello and have a read.

    Lisa @ xx